Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 Koi, Zinnia or Daisy Pillows for $69

What a deal - 2 Pillows for $69 !!!!!!! Yes, 2 exuberantly colored accent pillows for under a bill. And they are cheery, fresh and happy. The details are there too...colored cording, zippers, 100% cotton covers etc. Click Colorful Accent Pillows to see them.

Love these Koi...keepers of secrets.

Happy Zinnia! Your place or mine?

Calming.... almost like a Mrs Robinson lemondrop.

Just happy looking... like margarita time.

Great for beach houses and pools!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Color That Makes a Room Smile

KAPOW! Every once in a while your socks get knocked off at High Point, and the feeling is wonderful. The youthful, fresh zippyness of these silver and gold leaf infused sky blues, fuchsias, oranges and emeralds reflect pure happiness. They have a preppy modern personality that fits anywhere and everywhere. And I love that that the line has depth - mirrors, sconces, cube & table lamps, floor lamps and 2 small tables. Wow....color for any and every room.

The only problem is they are not in stock and they should be pre-ordered as they are selling out deep and fast. But by spring, things should balance out a bit. Click here to see the collection.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sale - 15% OFF - 500 Pillows, Jewelry, Tote Bags and More!!!

J. Covington Home sometime has a sale on all items in the Pillow, Home Accents and New Arrival categories. About 850 great things! Plenty of gift ideas for under $100.

Sale ends on 10/30!!!!!! Sale is over...except some Artisan Jewlers are STILL having a SALE!!!!!!!!!! Until 11/10!!!!! So hurry up.

Tote bags, Moose Salt & Pepper Shakers, Needlepoint Leopard Doorstops, Blankets and Throws, Alpine Ski Pillows, Kitchen Trays, French Rugs, Picture Frames, Bamboo Candlesticks, Horn Cups, Semikolon Nesting Boxes in 5 colors, Espresso Ski Cups, Grape Hods, Glass Hurricanes and more.....

Click here to see these stunning Austrian style ski pillows.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Support Local Stores

Just saw this.... so true. Many small stores are having a real stuggle. The number of empty store fronts is getting a bit despressing too. So keep it local when you can and think American made.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Europhile Pillows - For the Worldly Traveler

These Europhile travel pillows are awesome as the old world images are from 1910 - 1950's. Wouldn't the George or Paris look fabulous in a big chair? Or Casablanca or the modern looking Venice pillow

This is a new pillow line launched by J. Covington Home and 22 more can be seen here. Also some great points are....

Made in the USA
Cotton is 100% grown in the USA
Environmentally friendly/green ink was was used for the images.