Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fly Fishing Pillows # 2

These 5 fabulous Needlepoint pillows feature beautifully detailed Fish Species. The pillow bodies are needlepoint and the "flies" are pettipoint (440 stitches per square inch). They are perfect for cabins and for everyone who loves fly fishing. They are wonderful gifts! *Price is by size. *Size is fixed. Ordering info is at bottom of the post.

Click here to see 14 Fly Fishing pillows. Also, see this post to see workmanship details picture. Under the first fly.

Lastly, MORE are coming in late October. Horses, Foxes, Cows, Deer, Quail, Ducks .... and a bunch of "camp" style pillows.

JCMNCU-732 "Brown Trout" 12'' x 21'' Needlepoint Pillow $105

JCMnCU-734 "Rainbow Trout" 16 x 28 Needlepoint Pillow. $185

JCMNCU-733 "Bass" 16 x 28 Needlepoint Pillow. $185

JCMNCU-730 "Bull Trout" 12'' x 21'' Needlepoint Pillow $105

JCMNCU-731 "Dolly Varden" 12'' x 21'' Needlepoint Pillow. $105

Need one, want one? I'm not afraid to talk to you. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Call me: 603-431-4222 Shipping is $19 anywhere in the lower 48 states.


Linda in AZ * said...

*I adore these!!! If we end up getting the 2nd home we're considering, these will be perfect, adding just a "touch of the lighthearted" look and, well, they're just "too cute" also!~
Linda in AZ *

Windlost said...

Love them! Especially that salmon-looking one at the end.

zapatos manolos said...

so fantastic that i love them so much ,i must say that they are fan and combine with some kind of fashion which we are always pursuring