Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fabulous Atlanta Market Find # 8

This line is just fabulous. The trunks, chests, and coffee tables in leather, steel, cow hide or kilim is staggering. And of course, I didn't even show all...leather cubed boxes with family crests, cartridge cases on stands..trunks on stands, several other chest of drawers etc. These pieces were displayed in a very large showroom with pine and dark wood furniture in a very modern and contemporary style. The steel pieces were hot...some are sold out for now...give me a call if anything catches your eye.

An interesting Bar.

A very cool steel coffee table with fabulous storage. Sold out for now...sorry.

Reminds me of the exploring years in the 1920's.... Machu Picchu or Egypt anyone? Just cool.

More steel.... just looks good.

For all of you Union Jack lovers. Sold out for now...sorry.

Good bedside and or anywhere tables... see below the Kilim and Hide styles.

A Hide coffee table...also comes in a faux crocodile leather, ebony, kilim and a cigar leather style.

Liked these tall and skinny ones.

The wideboy. Tres cool for dealing with space.

A nice and small two drawer table...great for apartments.

As you can see...the kilim has a mellow look. Sure, the flash popped it some...but it still looks nice.

Rich color...of course each one will be somewhat different...such is nature.

A cool two-tone barrel chair and is was very comfortable. Hide on this side and leather in front - see below.

Note the cool steel coffee table in the background and the handsome faux crocodile cubed trunk.

Want one or two? Need dimensions? Call or email.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

These are wonderful!

Courtney said...

There is very much an exploration in the '20s-feel to a lot of these pieces! They are fabulous and certainly get the imagination going. And I love the steel coffee table!

J.Covington said...

Thanks Pamela and Courtney. The more I see the steel pieces the more I like them....I'll probably get one or two for the store.

Mélanie said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful Atlanta finds

Linda in AZ * said...

* WONDERFUL!!! So glad you posted these!

Tried to reach you by E-mail but can't get thru~~~ would you plz E me so I may receive more info on these? (bellesmom1234@comcast.net)

Linda in AZ *