Friday, February 27, 2009

Creating A Tablescape

A late Georgian Hepplewhite oval table is the blank canvas.

As we are tired of snow and ready for spring, we decided to get happy with boxed silk Hycianths.

To situate the flowers with a border, a mahogany tray with a scalloped edge was used.... an oval in an oval. Then a set of small Hycianths under cloches bookend the focal point and Blue and White Checkered chairs will surround it...a nice blue and green theme.
You could do this with any group of flowers...short ones are nice because you can talk over them. We like them grouped en masse and the more the that there is a real sense of fullness and opulence. This time of year the white seems crisp and portending of spring!

Photography is a tricky thing...this low shot reveals clusters of small green pineapples, stacks of blue willow and a party crown filling out the depth of the long table. We love the burst green from the leaves and petite pineapples.

Nearby, two Marlboro side chairs in Cowan & Tout, flank a Georgian table table decked with blue & white arita, French gold leafed candlesticks and a Dutch tobacco jar loaded with silk tulips. A small star burst rests in the window sill as a backdrop for another small arita plate and the tulips.

A lovely English Demi-lune with an antique Chinese Wedding vase lamp is surrounded by French desert plates in black & white and blue & white..also a few other dainty porcelain pieces fill the holes along with an Alumette tin. The unseen column of shorebird prints with a touch of dusty blue in them.
We love the blue French plates to hang on the wall instead of pictures as a group; to surround a picture or a mirror as a grouping. They are fun also because they are cartoons - each depicting a character, a season, or a historic event. The Chinese lamp we consider a classic...they are useful in almost any room, any time, any where. Sometimes finding an antique is difficult and then we turn a resource for great reproduction ones.

More Tablescapes to come.

25 Gorgeous Chandeliers

These gorgeous Chandeliers are crafted from hand carved wood and wrought iron. Some are embellished with decorative elements of metal or crystal or unadorned, they are finished in a distinctive manner, reflecting the attention to workmanship and detail.

JC9218 - A wonderful rendition of a faux coral chandelier. The off-white finish is enhanced with a natural looking application of sand. 40 Watt. 29rd x 27h. $995

JC9223 - The Garden Party Lantern is dressed appropriately for a celebration of spring. The multi-colored flowers burst into bloom on a French White framework. Not suitable for shades. 25 Watt. 11sq x 24h. $625

JC9250 - Petite chandelier in a sophisticated antique gold, silver leaf and gold leaf finish. 14rd x 22h. $750

JC9252 - This ornate chandelier is created from hand carved wood and embellished with an Italian Gold finish. This Italianate look is translated for today’s interiors. 33rd x 41h. $2500

JC9270 - Graceful acanthus leaves surround the circular cage of this open airy chandelier. Finishes of Italian Silver Leaf and Italian Black give it an Old World appearance. 18rd x 28h. $750

JC9307 - A rusticly whimsical tree Limb Chandelier with interesting iron work that requires a skillful blacksmith to do the intricate detailing on a hollow metal bar. 60 Watt. 18rd x 18h. $575 ( a larger style is available)

JC9305 - A really great stylized version of a universal theme is crafted with fine iron work and a finish of Verdi and Gold Leaf. 60 Watt, 29rd x 25h. $990

JC9336 - An intricately detailed chandelier of natural oyster shells with imposing size and presence. It never ceases to amaze with its sheer quantity of shells. 40 Watt. 39rd x 35h. $1595

JC9397 - Pleasing details make this oval chandelier a special one. The embossed edge on the flatbar is a challenging metal technique and the Pheasant bodies are made of separate pieces of forged metal. 60 Watt. 46w x17d x 29h. $1500

JC9944 - The Antiquity Style Chandelier is a truly amazing piece of work with its detailed leaf covered arms. Each of these leaves is a separate hand formed piece of metal. The amount of work required to form all of these leaves is staggering. Sienna Green and Hand Rubbed Gold Leaf give this piece a rich lustrous finish. 26rd x 30h. $1400

JC9941 - Real wood is hand carved into a classic form and then given two finishes: Washed and Antique. Wood drops add just the right finishing touch. 22rd x 30h. $1350

JC9942 - An elegant form is created in a size that works well in small spaces. The wood framework is finished in a Distressed Silver Leaf for an Old World look. 20rd x 36h. $1575

JC9939 - This distinctive pendant is created from natural Capiz Shell. It will provide a pleasant glow for dining or ambience in any area. The iron framework has a rich Cupertino finish. 13rd x 27h. $725

JC9937 - This perky little chandelier wears a trim round drum shade made of natural Capiz Shell. The detailing of the iron arms lends an added charm to its presence. The Cupertino finish on the metal emphasizes the metal work. 14rd x 16h $795

JC9936 - Natural Capiz Shell material is cast into a three light bulbous pendant that provides light with a lot of warmth. The wrought iron frame finished in Cupertino is a pleasing complement to the amber glow of the shade. 3 Lights. 13rd x 22h. $655

JC9809 - The clarity and brilliance of genuine optic crystal is unrivaled in its appearance. 60 Watt. 20rd x 24h. $1495

JC9961 - A most unusual design is created from the most simple of shapes. Hammered metal circles are attached to each other to form an orb. Understated arms with a graceful upward swoop are dropped inside the orb to hold the four simple candles. The Antique Silver Leaf finish lends a glimmer and glow to this unique design. 20rd x 22h. $875

JC9978 - Panels of Antique Mirror make this a most unusual and interesting chandelier. The Old Iron finish complements the look of the aged mirror. 29rd x 42h. $2900

JC9623 - A chandelier with superb details and unusual Gesso finish. The grandiose design features intricate metalwork. 25 Watt. 31rd x 38h. $1550

JC9228 - A small scale elaborate design is nicely embellished with crystal chains and amber crystal drops. A rich finish of Bronze Verdigris is the perfect complement to these embellishments. 25 Watt. 11rd x 17h. $600

JC9210 - The eye-pleasing framework of this chandelier is finished with antique silver leaf and accented with distressed black accents. The crystal adornment is Swarovski "Golden Teak" French pendants and drops. 40 Watt. 28rd x 37h. $2900

JC9229 - Vintage styling with a pleasing combination of materials make this small four-light lantern unique. Inlaid antiqued mirror enhances an antiqued silver leaf framework. Seeded bent glass is the finishing touch that pulls it all together. 25 Watt, 13rd x 21h. $995

JC9516 - This lovely Shaker inspired piece of classic wrought iron work is three pieces joined together. The scale is large, but the simplicity of the design makes it feel open and light. 25 Watt and 27 Lights. 60rd x 65h. $4200

JC9526 - Touches of Swarovski Crystal highlight this unusual design. Its royal appearance is enhanced with the rich Rhine Gold finish that is a beautiful complement to the Swarovski Crystal. 25 Watt, 27rd x 31h. $995

*All Lighting can be shipped directly to for a shipping quote.

*Prices are subject to change.

*All lighting products that are shown on this J.Covington*Design post have been designed and engineered to meet the rigid safety standards established by UNDERWRITER'S LABORATORY and bear the UL/CUI label (E141302 or E163523). This safety certification is valid in the United States and Canada.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Groovy Metallic Finished Furniture

These groovy metallic finished pieces and made by the same company who makes the wonderful antiqued mirror furniture I posted on.

JC4068 - Modern bombe chests offers a twist to the classical, French design. The gold leaf finish is hand applied. 33w x 17d x 30h. $1250

JC4070 - Transitional chest of drawers in a silver finish. 41w x 19d x 36h. $1450

JC4069 - Transitional sideboard in a silver, metallica finish. 40w x 18d x 35h. $1250

JC4067 - A perfect size accent or side table in gold leaf. Wood body. 23d x 31h. $695

JC4073 - A perfect size accent or side table in black with silver top. Wood Body. 23d x 31h. $595

JC4072 - A great console table that can be used in a variety of décor styles. The top is silver leaf and the legs are a black finish. 50w x 18d x 32h. $995

These pieces can be shipped directly to your home for a very reasonable amount.

20 Beautiful Chandeliers

I found these Chandeliers at the Atlanta Gift show....I think they're great looking and for the most part these Chandeliers are crafted from hand carved wood and wrought iron. Some are embellished with decorative elements of metal or crystal or unadorned, they are finished in a distinctive manner, reflecting the attention to workmanship and detail. The distinctiveness of the hand-finishing process that is used on these lighting products lends an air of depth and richness that cannot be achieved by less time-consuming finishing methods.

10 more beautiful Chandeliers can be seen HERE.

JC9439 - This is an exceptional Gold Leaf / Antique White piece with its metal drapery… 80 feet of 10mm cut crystal beaded chain of high quality and real wax candle sleeves. The Gold and White finish with flyspecking is a predominant color story that appeals to many. 60 Watt. 33rd x 42h. $6990

JC9429 - Black crystal accentuates the hand forged silver leafed wrought iron framework. 60 Watt. 15rd x 23h. $895

JC9442 - The contemporary lodge look of this symmetrical wrought iron form is perfect for those who can't decide if they want a traditional look or a contemporary look. The antique Copper Leaf finish is harmonious with any color palette. It is shown with optional Sand/Gold shades. 25 Watt. 39rd x 36h. $1575

JC9478 - This classic empire form is interpreted with the casual material of copper chemically treated to give it the appearance of age. 60 Watt. 27rd x 37h. $1650

JC9483 -The grace of this chandelier come from the simplicity of a beautiful form that marries well with the bold treatment of the wrought iron that shapes it. Silver Leaf is the perfect finishing touch. 60 Watt. 21rd x 34h. $1050

JC9493 - Crystal beads accentuate a traditional French cage form. 60 Watt. 24rd x 20h. $1195

JC9530 - A large scale, but truly spectacular chandelier with its intricate wrought iron work and Swarovski Crystal is made even more impressive with its multi-step hand applied finish. The fire of the many finely cut facets of these crystals contrast beautifully with this rich warm finish. 39 Lights. 25 Watt. 55rd x 67h. $9130

JC9528 - The intriguing curves of its broad iron bands with a warm Mayfair finish make this chandelier a most appealing example of the blacksmith’s art. 25 Watt. 37rd x 33h. $1075

JC9543 - Delightful with its lavish dressing of crystal chains, this petite chandelier is perfect for the powder room or anyplace that needs a small accent chandelier. Not suitable for shades. 25 Watt. 13rd x 15h. $ 850

JC9544 - A design skillfully crafted in wrought iron that is embellished and enhanced with the addition of fine crystal beading. Its size and proportions make it especially appealing. Chandelier not suitable for shades. 25 Watt. 13rd x 13h. $800

JC9545 - Beautiful proportions enhanced with the magic of Venetian Mirror make this a most elegant chandelier. The mirror is finely etched and antiqued in the classic way of the Venetian craft. 25 Watt. 30rd x 36h. $3750

JC9559 - The detailed ironwork and crystal ornamentation retain their good looks in this scaled down version…the larger one is the JC9562. 25 Watt. 20rd x 20h. $725

JC9566 - Classically detailed ironwork with a touch of acanthus leaf decoration and simple crystal ornamentation comes together to make this popular oval chandelier. 25 Watt. 48w x 33h. $1500

JC9582 -a simply grand chandelier that offers a large-scale piece suitable for big spaces that call for simplicity of design. Yet the details are here in the interesting candle cups and the finishes of Granello Silver Leaf combined with Antique Gold Leaf. 65rd x 53h. $5100

JC9591 - An intricately detailed chandelier of natural shells with imposing size and presence. It never ceases to amaze with its sheer quantity of shells. 25 Watt. 27rd x 27h. $1695

JC9631 - This chandelier is grand in scale and proportion. It features great craftsmanship and nice details. Chandelier not suitable for shades. 25 Watt. 50rd x 79h. $9000

JC9622- Delicate" Lily" design in a soft color palette with aged look. 25 Watt. 28rd x 26h. $1100

JC9655 - This chandelier has a light and airy iron scrollwork which is accented by the "Black Forest" bent glass panels. 25 Watt. 22rd x 26h. $1100

JC9829 - This diminutive chandelier commands a presence greater than its size with its lovely iron work and its rich Venetian Finish accented with hand applied Gold Leaf. Swarovski Crystals add their fire and brilliance to its elegant appearance. 25 Watt. 17rd x 21h. $950

*All lighting products that are shown on this J.Covington*Design post have been designed and engineered to meet the rigid safety standards established by UNDERWRITER'S LABORATORY and bear the UL/CUI label (E141302 or E163523). This safety certification is valid in the United States and Canada.