Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Swedish Furniture: Part 5

These fabulous Antiqued Swedish pieces are from the same company as the in the Atlanta Market #5 & #6 posts. They are very well made and the details and character separate this company from the rest. Expect 14 -16 weeks for delivery as they are made per order. Call me if interested. See bottom for color choices.

Chest of Drawers with brass handles in antique white . H35.5 x W33 x D20 in. $2000

Cupboard with shelves in Gustavian grey. H44 x W36 x D16 in. $2125

Wardrobe with shelves & safe in Gustavian grey. H77 x W34 x D22 in. $4750

Bedside Table / Commode with fluted carving - small in Sea-foam. H32 x W21.5 x D18.5 $1875

Gustavian Dresser in Antique grey with black top. H33 x W35 x D18 in. $1750

Small Gustavian Chest in Antique grey with black top. H31.5 x W25.5 x D16 in. $1500

Divided wardrobe in antique grey. H77 x W36 x D14 in. $4250

Gustavian Bureau in Antique Black. H33 x W35 x D18 in. $1750

And they are:
Gustavian Gray - 0
Sea Foam - 7
Antique White - 5
Swedish Blue - 3
French Green - 4
Antique Black - 2
Antique Grey - 8

Be sure to checkout the other Swedish posts for chairs, armoires, benches, stools, writing tables, secretaries and 3 styles of beds...a caned, an upholstered and a Gustavian full bed.

Need one, want one? Call me. 603-431-4222

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