Friday, February 27, 2009

Creating A Tablescape

A late Georgian Hepplewhite oval table is the blank canvas.

As we are tired of snow and ready for spring, we decided to get happy with boxed silk Hycianths.

To situate the flowers with a border, a mahogany tray with a scalloped edge was used.... an oval in an oval. Then a set of small Hycianths under cloches bookend the focal point and Blue and White Checkered chairs will surround it...a nice blue and green theme.
You could do this with any group of flowers...short ones are nice because you can talk over them. We like them grouped en masse and the more the that there is a real sense of fullness and opulence. This time of year the white seems crisp and portending of spring!

Photography is a tricky thing...this low shot reveals clusters of small green pineapples, stacks of blue willow and a party crown filling out the depth of the long table. We love the burst green from the leaves and petite pineapples.

Nearby, two Marlboro side chairs in Cowan & Tout, flank a Georgian table table decked with blue & white arita, French gold leafed candlesticks and a Dutch tobacco jar loaded with silk tulips. A small star burst rests in the window sill as a backdrop for another small arita plate and the tulips.

A lovely English Demi-lune with an antique Chinese Wedding vase lamp is surrounded by French desert plates in black & white and blue & white..also a few other dainty porcelain pieces fill the holes along with an Alumette tin. The unseen column of shorebird prints with a touch of dusty blue in them.
We love the blue French plates to hang on the wall instead of pictures as a group; to surround a picture or a mirror as a grouping. They are fun also because they are cartoons - each depicting a character, a season, or a historic event. The Chinese lamp we consider a classic...they are useful in almost any room, any time, any where. Sometimes finding an antique is difficult and then we turn a resource for great reproduction ones.

More Tablescapes to come.

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FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a beautiful tablescape. I love the French Plates.