Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's All About You: Part 2

Hickory Chair has continuously made luxurious timeless upholstery since 1911. The fresh and classic designs by Alexa Hampton, Mariette Himes Gomez, Suzanne Kasler and Thomas O’Brien give HC a depth that few furniture makers can equal. In addition, historical places such as the James River Plantations along the James River in Virginia and the Winterthur Museum along with the vast archive from American antiques expert Albert Sack have allowed Hickory Chair the right to reproduce time proven classics.

Kiln dried hardwood frames prevent the frame from warping. Only cherry and maple are used in stress areas of Hickory Chair upholstered frames. The exposed mahogany is finger-jointed to the hardwood frame for extra strength. Only the finest mahogany is used for Hickory Chair exposed wood upholstery.

Next, HC shapes their frames. Each item gets its shape from the wooden frame and not from the padding. All padding will pack and shift over time. As a result of the frame having the final shape with softness added with padding, the result is that the item will retain its curves and neat tailoring for decades of use!

Each item features custom engineered seating comfort. This is simply a method where a variety of gauges and sizes of double-cone springs are used to create a platform with the appropriate support to create maximum comfort. Each spring is hand-tied in 8 points with 100% polyester tying twine. This twine will not break, stretch or rot. In addition to the strong polypropylene canvas base, a row of steel bands are nailed into the frame underneath each row of springs. Hickory Chair springs will never sag!

And with that...let the show begin.

This is the Sheraton Love Seat.


A very cool Thompson Chair. A lot of work went into getting the fabric perfect.

A Chelsea Headboard.

The Yeates Chair.

The Yeates Chair - Tufted. Also, note the welt...nice color tie-in.

The Avon Armless Chair. Again, note how simple and clean the chair is and how the welt defines its lines and pops it.

The backside of the Avon with monogrammed initials...looks great.

Another Avon Armless with a nice design and a great nail head X pattern.

And the Avon yet again.... this is a very comfort and popular chair.

The Boudoir Sofa. I have this in a heavy white cotton in my store with all goose fill seat and it is fabulous and clean looking. Also notice the different skirts - you have 9 choices!

The Boudoir.

The Boudoir again.

And once more.

The Charles Hassock Ottoman.

The Settee.

The Eton Sofa.... Made to Measure from 73" to 88"

The Eton again.

And again. Note the nail head details.

The Louis XVI Side Chair.... simply lovely.

Welt & trim details.

The Eva Side Chair....I guess someone in the.com world did very well.

Unfortunately discontinued...but the detail is great.

Southfield Side Chairs.

The Flareback Chair.


The Flareback Arm Chair.

And this is my final peek in Hickory Chair for a while. So it's all about you and your custom crafted dreams that reflect your personal style and creativity.