Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heavenly Merino and Cashmere Throws and Blankets

I've been a fan of BVT - Brun De Vian-Tiran for a long time and have sold many of these scrumptious throws in my store. BVT is a family business that has been seeking out the finest fibers from around the world..... Merino wool from France, Australia, and South America, Asian Camel, Peruvian Alpaca, Bolivian Llama, Yak and Cashmere from Iran, China and Mongolia etc.

Aside from the most heavenly throws you can imagine they make blankets, scarves, blankets for babies, shawls, eiderdown, quilts and mattress covers. Click here to enjoy...and if you find something you simply must have, let me know.

Baby Camel Camelino throw. From the finest camel hairs. $425

Alpaca Throw is scrumptious and the grey is my favorite. $315

The yaka is my favorite…in fact I keep one in the store for those days when I just can’t get warm. $375

Plaid Chameau Turkmen Throw. From the Dromedary and the fleece is a natural brown color. Exceptionally soft and fine. $475

Camargue Throws come in 36 colors. A blend of fine and soft merinos from around the world. $275

Baby Lama Throw. Comes in 7 earthy shades from the first fleece of baby Llamas in Peru. $350

These are usually shipped out within a day or two - if in stock! They may be pricey but they do not sit on the shelf for long... they feel too good wrapped around you.

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