Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stunning Secretaries & Bookcases

This reproduction line of bookcases and secretaries is simply gorgeous. Many are exact replicas of the orginal Regency and Georgian period pieces and 2 of the Victorian campaign pieces have a great Mission look. The finishes are lusterous, rich and regal. They do don't disappoint...even the bottom sides of the drawers are finished! In fact, I furnished my brother's law firm with furniture from this line.... there are over 1,000 pieces not shown!

Note the fine quality and spectacular cuts of the walnut, burl, rosewoodm and mahogany.

*Lastly, ALL of these pieces are in stock and ready for instant shipping!!!! No more waiting 3 or 4 months! Ordering info is located at the bottom of the post.

JCAT6305100 - A George III walnut, laurel & mother of pearl inlaid library bookcase, glazed doors, two drawers, cabinet doors. 48 x 20-1/4 x 88-3/4. $4,875

JCAT6305104 - A George III walnut, laurel & mother of pearl inlaid breakfront library bookcase, four glazed doors, Corinthian columns, cabinet doors below. 108-1/2 x 21-3/4 x 96. $13,995

JCAT6300043 - A Victorian Campaign walnut brass banded open bookcase, eight shelf compartments, two double cabinet doors. 25-1/2 x 12 x 82. Just love it! $1,595

JCAT6305017 - A Victorian walnut Campaign office bookcase, four pigeonholes, eight shelf sections, one drawer, brass fittings. 24 x 12 x 82. $1,495

JCAT6105214 - A Regency mahogany open bookcase, two frieze drawers, two shelves, Corinthian column supports, bun feet. 60 x 11-7/8 x 38. Great behind a sofa!! $2,250

JCAT6505008 - A Queen Anne burl & walnut bureau cabinet, arched cabinet doors enclosing fitted interior, fall front bureau below with eight drawers, bun feet. 35-31/32 x 24-1/32 x 90-31/32. $9,750

JCAT6505022 - A Queen Anne burl bureau cabinet, architectural frieze, cabinet enclosing black lacquer & faux book fitted interior, bureau section fitted interior, three drawers. Note: Only 2 left. Limited edition. 44 x 25-1/4 x 93. $11,350

JCATAL65001 - A Louis XVI mahogany & rosewood banded fall front secretaire en abbatant, granite top, brass mounts, drawers & faux drawer desk section. Copied from a 1780 Original . 33 x 31-1/4 x 58-3/4. $5,400

JCATAL65002 - A George II mahogany bureau cabinet, arched cornice with gilt Spencer crest, fitted glazed upper section & bureau below, Copied from a 1765 Original! 46-1/4 x 37-3/4 x 91-1/2. $15,950

JCATAL65003 - A George II mahogany & rosewood banded bureau cabinet, broken pediment, gilt crest, fitted & glazed upper section & bureau below. Copied from a 1740 Original. 44-1/4 x 26-5/8 x 98. $23,450

JCATAL63013 - A George III Sheraton figured eucalyptus & rosewood banded secretaire bookcase, arched cornice, astragal doors, drawers & writing drawer below. Copied from a 1790 Original. 36-1/2 x 22-1/4 x 90-1/4. $8,250

JCATAL63009 - A George III mahogany & rosewood banded breakfront library bookcase, brass finials, astragal glazed doors, drawers & cupboards below. Copied from a 1800 Original. 65-5/8 x 20 x 88-5/8. $10,250

JCATCB63005 - An antiqued hand carved wood Library bookcase with arched recessed panels throughout, the moulded cornice above three open inset glass shelved sections fitted with inset adjustable lights, the base with three panelled cabinet doors, on a plinth. 99-1/2 x 20-1/2 x 97. $11,350

JCATCB63002 - An antiqued wood dwarf open bookcase, the rectangular top above four frieze drawers, open shelves below, on a plinth base. 73 x 13 x 39. $2250

Need one, want one? I'm not afraid to talk to you. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Call me: 603-431-4222

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A 16th Century Mother-Child Painting I found in England

I found this 16th century painting in England.... it came out of a Scottish manor house. Even though it is in rough condition, I absolutely love the mother-child tenderness. More pictures can be seen here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mid-Century Modern Swedish Collection

This new line was released this week....its called Mid-Century Modern Swedish. I love the combined flavor of the deco and Japanese tansu look and the Swedish coloration. Great lines. Note - it comes in 15 color choices!

Please see bottom of post for ordering information and my photos.

JCCT156 - measures 50" high x 40" wide by 1 7.5" deep. $3200

Top left: JCCT145F - 33.5" high x 31.5" wide x 16"deep. $1855
Top Right: JCCT145T - 33.5" high x 31.5" wide x 16"deep. $1855
Bottom Left: JCCT33 - 24.5" high x 21" wide x 13.5" deep. $1065
Bottom Left: JCCT32 - 19" high x 21" wide x 13.5" deep. $795

Top: JCCT48 - 31.5" high x 32" wide x 16" deep. $1750
Bottom Left: JCCT49 - 25" high x 20" wide x 15" deep. $1065
Bottom Right: JCCT52 - 25" high x 31" wide x 15" deep. $1350

Top Center: JCCT34 - 24.5" h x 28"w x 13"d. $945
Middle Left:JCCT58 - 20.5" h x 46.5" x 14.5" d. $1250
Middle Right: JCCT59 - 20.5" h x 23.5" w x 14.5" d. $750
Botton Left: JCCT53 - 27" h x 41.5" w x 14" d. $1195
Bottom Right: JCCT54 - 33" h x 45" w x 15" d. $2350

These pieces are custom ordered and take an average of 12-14 weeks. Delivery to your home is another 3 to 4 weeks...depending on where you live.

Call me if you have questions. 603-431-4222

High Point Furniture Market - Fall 09

I got home at 2:45 am from a 4 day tour de force market sprint.... next time I'm getting new shoes and a bag of epson salt! Aye. Regardless, the market was quite good even though it was short on buyers.

These heads mounted on baby blue plaques caught my attention.

This room was devoted to orange. not pictured were vases filled with carrots. Very cool.

A yummy Swedish cabinet. Loved it.

A cool folding library ladder.

Anyone need a 9ft high cabinet?

I bought a basket full of the these 17th & 18th century reproduction candle sticks, finials, and art pieces.

This is an early 19th century painted Italian cabinet....for a mere $53,500.00

These were in the same category - not in this lifetime!

Spied this cool union jack sofa.

Was one step too late here. Sold! A southern plantation tray rack. This gets a swoon award for original coolness and I would have loved to seen it full back in the day.

A lovely table. Leaves push underneath...extends from 7 to 10 feet. Nice, rich finish. $2,370

A beautiful 19th century french replica wall plaque. I will have these available soon.. and the ones below.

A french Queen headboard. Comes in a King size too. Based on a 19th Century carved panel.
A milky yellow color. Fabulous.

A French wall board.... imagine this over a mantle! Stunning. Available soon ( and better pictures too!) $2400

A gorgeous Swedish sideboard with 2 marble top inlays on each side. $3425

Loved this for a ski / mountain get-away. The handles are over-the-top. Just perfect! $2585

Grape hods are officially in!

Loved these 19 century French replica planter boxes. Order a pair for the store.

These planter boxes were massive and had nice hardware. Pull the pegs and the front panel comes off for easy plant removal. French replica. Also coming soon.

New this market - silvered (almost mercury glass looking) lamp bases! Great profiles.

Loved this regency looking consul. Black with antiqued mirror top, lower back splash and drawer faces...mirror has gold leafed edging as does the body. Very, very nice. Once of my show favorites. Will be available in a few months.

Close-up. Will also be available in a side table size. Very classic.