Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Antiqued Mirror Furniture

These antiqued mirrored furniture pieces are fabulous....perfect for a beach house, a sophisticated setting, or a casual one. I wish I was a good photographer, because these pieces have a richer, more mercury / silver tone than what you see.

To see a larger selection antiqued mirrored furniture or to buy, please visit my new online store: J Covington Home

JC4211 - This Antique Mirror/Silver Leaf side table goes glamorous with antiqued mirroring. A silver leafed bamboo trim provides an extra design detail. Note its size … perfect as a bedside table. 20w x 15d x 25h. $1075

JC4210 - The transitional nature of this Coffee Table makes it versatile enough to be used in numerous settings. In antique mirror. 40w x 24d x 20h. $1325

JC4200 - A combination of wood and antiqued mirror is used to create this sideboard that not only looks good but is also very functional. Has one drawer and two doors. 31w x 17d x 32h. $1950

JC4208 - Perfect piece to add the extra flair for that old Hollywood glamorous feel. The credenza has two drawers and two convenient storage spaces. 60w x 18d x 32h. $3750

JC4204 - This 3 drawer chest is great for storage as well as being a showstopper in any room. 31w x 17d x 32h. $2050

JC4212 - This lovely seven drawer chest fits in a small narrow space and adds a decorative touch to the storage function. The antiqued mirror is accented with a silver leafed bamboo trim. 15w x 15d x 49h. $1550

JC4214 –A practical side table or nightstand with a generous sized drawer and shelves for books or other storage. The antiqued mirror is accented with a silver leafed bamboo trim. 21w x 17d x 30h. $995

JC4064 - This table is an adaptation of some similar ones from the 1930’s. It features antiqued mirrored "X" legs, hand carved silver leaf feet, and an antiqued mirror top. 22w x 15d x 19h. $1450

JC4049 - This table is a version of tables that were made in the 40's and 50's. It features and elegant oval shape, with beveled mirrored pieces around the perimeter and is trimmed with silver leaf. The tapered legs are reminiscent of a Louis XVI piece and give it a Neoclassical styling. Oval. 48w x 30d x 20h. $2200

JCC4334 – A new concept. An iron and mahogany body with antiqued silver mirrored body. 26w x 19d x 28h. ( Also comes in a sideboard and larger Chest of Drawers size – please inquire) $1775

JC4346 - A new concept. An iron and mahogany body with antiqued silver mirrored body. 31w x 18d x 33h. $1775

JC4340 – A cool Medallion Mirror in antiqued Italian silver and black. 24w x 2d x 30h. $550

*A few tips to keep in mind when deciding to buy mirrored furniture.
1) Good quality antiqued glass has a soft, warm feel to it...it does not have the harsh & sharp & bright feel that a lesser quality piece will have.
2) Good antiqued glass has a smoked or deeply textured feel and unlike the lesser quality pieces they do not show dust or smudges!!!!!!! Thus not as much windexing...a big thing to remember.
3) Beware of sharp (crisp) edges on the cheaper pieces. Children can get badly cut.
4) Antiqued pieces do not show crisp reflections...the depth of antiquing lends them a solid feel instead of a bright, shiny hard one.

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Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Love these peices. A "fad" I hope stays around awhile.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I adore using these!

Anonymous said...

I love mirrored furniture, I just wish I could afford it!

Karena said...

I love all of the mirrored furniture I have seen. It is just esquisite, though can really fit in almost any decor!

keith webb & david kahauolopua said...

i love mirrored furniture! i hope to design and create some fun pieces myself!!

Unknown said...