Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shell Covered Chest of Drawers

These very cool shell covered chest of drawers are new from the High Point market last month. The detail is fantastic and they are made exceptionally well. I just love the way they look...very clean.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New French Shipment!

A new containerjust arrived filled with beautiful French bergeres, armchairs, amoires, vanities, mirrors and much more. Enjoy!

JCEAV1092- Pair of oval back Louis XVI style vintage armchairs. In a very sweet gold finish with bits of gesso showing through. Lovely almost sculptural carvings. Upholstered in a textured stone linen with spaced studding. Seat height 20, Arm height 24. Circa 1950. 37H x 26W x 25D $2750

JCEAV1492 - Pair of oval back Louis XVI style vintage armchairs. In a cream finish with original gold showing through. Lovely almost sculptural carvings. Upholstered in a duct canvas with spaced studding. Seat height 20, Arm height 24. Circa 1950. 37H x 26W x 29D $2750

JCEBV0392 - Stunning pair of original double cane vintage burgers with tied reed carvings. Finished in original gold gilt and upholstered in duct canvas and silk trim. Seat height 19, Arm height 25. Circa 1920. 36H x 28W x 28D $3395

JCEBV0792 - Lovely pair of wing back vintage bergeres. Original creamy butter finish with gold highlights. Classic Louis XV style, upholstered in a duct canvas and cotton trim. Seat height 21, Arm height 25. Circa 1940. 41H x 29W x 29D. $2900

JCENV0492 - Pair of wide set rectangle vintage nightstands in Louis XVI style. Original creamy finish with subtle hand painting on top and sides, and gold highlights. Circa 1940. 27H x 23W x 14D $1750

JCEARVN03320 - Ornately carved Venetian inspired 2 door armoire. Finished in original sweet cream, pink, gold and green highlights. Width of inside of armoire is 41 x 17. 4 shelves. Circa 1940 84H x 46W x 21D $4995

JCEVAV0592 - Darling vintage vanity desk in Louis XVI style. Original creamy finish with subtle hand paintings on side and top of desk. Circa 1940. 28H x 48W x 14D. $1550
JCEVAV0692 - Lovely large scale vintage vanity desk in original cream crackle finish and tarnished gold detailed carvings. Delightful Louis XV serpentine legs and lines. Circa 1950. 29H x 54W x 18D. $1950

JCEVAV0392 - Very unique vintage vanity with trip-tiech mirror in Louis XVI style. Original pale spearmint crackle finish with tarnished gold highlights and delicate carvings. Desk height 27. Circa 1940. 57H x 49W x 18D. $2250
JCESBV0192 - Vintage Louis XV sideboard in original cream crackle finish. Well proportioned with 3 cupboards and 1 drawer. Side compartments have wood and glass drawers. Very useful as well as pretty. Circa 1950. 35H x 74W x 22D. $2950

JCESBVN04620A - Incredible Old Antique Altar from a French Church. Original Grey-Blue & Watermelon-Red Paint with Gilt highlights on Moulding & Hand painted "M" for Madonna. Original Slate top with etched Crosses sits in center of altar - The Stone has been broken & replaced .41H x 70W x 30D $7500

JCEMVN20720 - Stunning Antique Black & Gilt Louis Philippe Mirror, with pair of Birds and Roses. Original crystallized mirror is stunning. 62H x 34W x 5D. $5500

JCEMVN17020 - Romantic vintage petite tremeau beveled mirror in a stone gray with gold and burnt sienna highlights. At the top crest a hand painting of two anagogical putties embracing. Circa 1930
54H x 35W x 2D $4500

JCEMVN04420 - Stunning Old French Trumeau Mirror in French-grey finish. This mirror is large scale & has a hand painted oil on canvas scene of 2 young cupids in the center. 75H x 51W x 3D. $6250

JCEAEV1382 - Old Round Architectural Mirror. Fantastic Old white paint on this cool take on a mirror.
39H x 39W x 3D. $950

JCEOBV0272 - Original Water Gilt Torcheres, great accent pieces to add interest to a wall.
49H x 13W x 13D. $1750

JCEBKVN03610 - Old Bookcase from Belgium, refinished in a Charleston Mushroom-Grey. Currently in our Atlanta Showroom. Gold leaf highlights, and the inside of the bookshelf is painted in a dusky- old cream. Gorgeous display piece. 88H x 71W x 21D. $5250

Need one, wnat one? Call or email me. These will not last long.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

15 New Chandeliers for 2010

These Chandeliers and pendants are so new that product descriptions have yet to be released! Most of them are already sold out due to the recent High Point, but if you see one you love - call me.

Most of these Chandeliers are crafted from hand carved wood and wrought iron. Some are embellished with decorative elements of metal or crystal or unadorned, they are finished in a distinctive manner, reflecting the attention to workmanship and detail. The distinctiveness of the hand-finishing process that is used on these lighting products lends an air of depth and richness that cannot be achieved by less time-consuming finishing methods.

JCCC9072 - 20rd x 21h. $850

JCCC9073 - 31rd x 26h. $770

JCCC9066 - 8rd x 16h. $320

JCCC9074 - 35rd x 58h. $1975

JCCC9078 - 29rd x 31h. $875

JCCC9077 - 34rd x 40h. $1755

JCCC9081 - 30rd x 35h. Shades: Beige Shantung. $2195

JCCC9085 - 37rd x 64h. $5720

JCCC9096 - 28rd x 23h. Putty burlap Shade. $960

JCCC9099 - 17rd x 19h. Putty burlap Shade. $715

JCCC9095 - 15rd x 32h. $715

JCCC9266 - 30rd x 49h. $2530

JCCC9298 - 36rd x 31h. $1155

JCCC9400 - 18rd x 21h. $873

JCCC9419 - 17rd x 31h. $715

*All lighting products that are shown on this J.Covington*Design post have been designed and engineered to meet the rigid safety standards established by UNDERWRITER'S LABORATORY and bear the UL/CUI label (E141302 or E163523). This safety certification is valid in the United States and Canada.