Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fantastic Animal Print Pillows

I love the way pillows can spice up a room with a pop of color and add depth with vibrant patterns and personality. Of course as the weather gets cooler, animal patterns - like these, really appeal to me and I put my summer pillow back into storage bins and pull out my winter pillows....and volia, a new look.

More Animal Print Pillows can be seen Here.

JCCC19040 - Olive/Linen Zebra w/ Olive Multi Tassel Fringe 22" square. $295

JCCC11480 - Red Leopard w/ Tobacco Fringe 18" square. $ 295

JCCC17540 - Olive and Chocolate Zebra with brush fringe. 18" Square. $335

JCCC15410 - Velvet feeling Tiger Fur with Red/Gold Multi Tassel Fringe 24" square. $395

JCCC12710 - Black/Creme Zebra Oblong with Creme Brush Fringe. 12"x21" $350

JCCC17640 - Golden Brown Cheetah Oblong with Gold Brush Fringe. 18"x 25" $350

JCCC19160 - Gold/Chocolate Zebra w/ Red Velvet Cord. 24" square. $335

JCCC19620 - Chocolate/Blue Zebra w/ Toffee Velvet Cord. 24" square. $365

JCCC19340 - Bamboo Leopard Oblong w/ Gold Sides/Gold Brush Fringe. 18"x 25" $395

JCCC13200 - Zebra Fur w/ Off White Ball Fringe. 24" square. $355

JCCC15940 - Brown Chenille with off white ball fringe. 22" square. $425

JCCC17700 - Aqua Zebra with white ball fringe. 24" square. $415

All of these pillows are made at the time of order. Delivery usually takes 2 - 4 weeks. I have dozens of other sizes, patterns and price ranges.... call or email me if you are hunting something special. Colorful pillows HERE.

To ADD TO CART - please email or call.

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