Monday, October 20, 2008

Lee Furniture & Going Green

You can buy a car in an afternoon and decide on a house after a weekend of looking. So why is it so difficult to decide on the perfect sofa or chair? It’s simple: You can't open up a piece of furniture and look inside. And if you looked inside of Lee you'd find naturalLEE soy-based cushions, certified frames, recycled filling for pillows, water based stains, and offer many organic and natural fabrics. In their manufacturing process, they reuse or recycle approximately 95% of all the materials that enter the production stream. Just by using the naturalLEE cushions, in 2007 alone, LEE Industries has saved over 10,000 gallons of crude oil and has eliminated 54,000 pounds of CO2 emissions.

Aside from the Green factor, the other two reasons I carry LEE in my store is their great price points and their Coverall program....which is another name for Slip Covers. Of course they are not quite a tailored as a custom made cover, but hey, some can be machine washed and dried! Click HERE for the washable slip cover post.

Their Boudoir style chairs are fabulous.

The yellow sofa is a Coverall and so is the bottom dining chair. Another great aspect of the muslin bodied coveralls is if you want a crisp white look - volia or if you want an inexpensive second look, just order a spare! It's a great way to change your living room in a flash. The final reason to order from LEE is that every piece of their furniture is made right here in the USA.

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