Friday, October 3, 2008

Personalizing with Tile

Tucked away on Little Deer Isle, a seldom visited area of Maine, is a fabulous second generation family business called Harbor Farm. There you'll find a dizzying array of handmade, custom made, hand painted, and machine made tiles from 17 states and 17 countries by the thousands. Of course, if you cannot find just the right flower, bird, color, size or texture of tile you are looking for, it can be made for you.

The tiles are of very different characters, running from one extreme to the other - from finely molded, hand painted porcelain to stoneware tiles. They have tiles of natural stone, polished, honed, tumbled, and natural cleft, and tiles of so-called faux stone, which may simulate any of the finishes of natural stone.

Tiles are not an expenditure, they are an investment. They not only improve the quality of a house but the quality of life. Tiles are not just for bathrooms and kitchens. Using them to echo a local theme such as lighthouses and shorebirds for a beach home, can add personality and character to a home's mudroom, wet bar, stairway, garden area, or entry way. Have fun, personalize your home.


My Notting Hill said...

What fun to see this! I visited there 2 summers ago when we stayed in Stonington.

Alex said...

They have an amazing selection! And you stayed in one of my favorite places too.