Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Hunt for HUGE scale pieces - Part # 1

Recently I took a road trip hunting big pieces down for a few clients who like things with huge scale. These are a few of the things I found. The 1860 scrubbed oak hutch in the first picture was very sweet... one fine detail were the lion heads carved on the sides along with other scroll work.

There were a pair of these beauties!

I love the chicken wire panes. I've been seeing a lot of this in the last 12 months.

Just cool.

What a chandelier.

This arch is about 10 feet long!

A plenitude of treasure.

Loved the industrial stuff. There was a slew of it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Atlanta Gift Market - Some Wonderful New Finds

The Atlanta Market was very uplifting this year ..... a pent-up group of buyers truly made the market a great place to be after last years show. Many new products got our attention and a few of the items below are on their way to my store.

Just loved the color here. Nice designs too.

Great light blues. This color is getting much hotter this year.

Numbered Hand painted pillows.

This was one of my absolute favorites. A pair of the slat pedestal bases were ordered.... I wonder how long they'll last?

The new grape hod look. Your initials, a university .... and 3 letter combo you want! Love that soft blue. More choices are here.

Cool table. The textured items on display were alluring.

Fantastic mirror .... fantastic price .... reminds me of an old Feench or Swedish or Italian one.

Great columns, but the one on the ground is really a table. Measures 24" x 24" .... perfect for drinks!

The prince of Wales swag is awesome. Hand carved woood and finished in an aged tone with gold speckles. Very nice looking. Quite reasonable.

Another great grape hod.

This looks wonderful.

Eye candy du soleil.

Like the Prince of Wales Swag, this hand carved and painted wall sconce is gorgeous. Perfect for displaying that perfect something.

Hunting something special? Call me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Lighten, Brighten & Cheer up A Room in the Winter

The Seacoast newspaper asked us to come up with an article on "How to Help Your House Escape the Winter Doldrums." For us, we'd already started prepping the store for spring on the 1st of January and when we went to the Atlanta Gift market we bought a number of little things to help pop a room.

In this economic market, small outputs can produce big change in a home... the little things truly add up. I know this sounds silly, but a sparkly clean home with clean windows and floors makes you really feel great.

Using reflective surfaces:
Mirrors to catch the sun and punch the light around a room. You can also remove pictures from a wall and replace them with several mirrors.
Mercury glass vases and votives with candles.
Sparkling glass items are light and clean feeling.
Books with white covers.
Silver and gold things lend a rich lightness to a room.

Roll up the oriental carpet and lay down a nice sisal or bamboo slat one. The lighter flooring will open up a room and give it a refreshing feel.

Citrus & spring green flowers and silk flowers freshen up a room and do not seem out of place. Big bouquets are excellent statement pieces and can dictate the mood of a room instantly as can small clusters of flowers on coffee table, bureaus, alongside stacks of books and other places... the fake silk flowers are perfect for this. Also, icy branches are fun and joyous when folded into other with the tulips below.

In the dining room or kitchen table a celebration of color is another way to add spice... with a great table cloth, placemats, bright dinner napkins and White china. Or, huge displays of white china can clean up a heavy wall.

The display of antique Imari is quite festive. Bring your color out!

Bring the 'hope' of nature in with bird nests and things made from natural materials. Or do the opposite and stock up on cozy throws, fires and candles.

Some more icy branches mixed in with greens.

Hanging "light' pictures or in this case, antique bee prints help brighten the wall and push light around.

Red is just happy... and if mixed with feathers... bold and fun.

Pillows are another way to really jazz up and add excitement to a room. Replace darker colored pillows with lighter, happier ones!

Lastly, give in to winter and light some Beeswax candles, a fire and roll up in cashmere throw and just enjoy the soothing ambiance.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Gorgeous French Antiques # 5

Here are a few more gorgeous French antique and vintage furniture pieces.... and they are selling fast. Look at post #3 from a few days ago.

*In 12 days 90% of the container was sold. If you love it - call fast!

JCEAV0472 - Cane Back Louis XV Armchairs in natural wood finish, with Linen Cushion. (seat height 22") 38H x 25W x 25D. SOLD

JCESV0672 - Simple Square back Settee in natural wood finsih with very clean lines, upholstered in Natural linen with silk trim. (seat height 22') . 38H x 56W x 32D. SOLD

JCEARV0372 – A gorgeous vintage armoire. Perfect for him and her…or just her! 80H x 103W x 84D SOLD

JCETVN06310 - Antique drapery table - perfect display piece. 29H x 78W x 31D. SOLD

JCECVN0362 - Very Unique Gilded Console with Mirrored medallion detail. Stunning piece for an entry way. 37H x 38W x 14D. SOLD

JCETV0172 - Great find original Gilt End tables with carrera marble just stunning accent pieces. 20H x 19W x 16D. SOLD

JCETV2862 Vintage pair of tall, round, end tables. Very detailed and ornate carvings and finished in original gold gilt. 37H x 19W x 19D. SOLD

Need one, want one? Call me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gorgeous French Antique & Vintage Furniture # 4

And yes, here is another group of absolutely fantastic French and old world town clock faces, coffee tables, consoles, mirrors and more. The huge clock faces are my favorite.... two buying trips ago I missed one of them in Brussels by a day!! Another dealer got them.

Note: These antique & vintage pieces do not last long.... if you want it, you have to act quick. Call me. 603-431-4222

JCEAEVN17410 - Stunning Colored Clock Tower face with Gold Leaf hands. Gorgeous coloration. 79H x 79W x 3D. SOLD

JCEAEVN13210 - Classic Antique Town Clock Face from Europe, great black & white color and a really nice size. 48H x 48W x 1D. SOLD

JCEAEVN02710 - Architectural Stone Fragment of a Shield / Crest, beautiful decorative find that once adorned a building. 25H x 22W x 3D. $1950

JCEMVN11910 - Incredible Antique Mirror with beautiful gold plaster decoration. 80H x 48W x 8D. $8350 SOLD

JCEMVN04310 - Large Ornate Antique French Mirror with a cupid at center crest in an old gilt finish. 81H x 47W x 9D. SOLD

JCEOBV5871 - Large vintage antique plate rack with distressed white wash finish. Also an above enclosed shelving unit. 25H x 30W x 9D. SOLD

JCEOBV5271 - Gorgeous vintage plate rack with tea cup drying rack. Finished in a rustic white.24H x 35W x 8D. SOLD

JCEOBV2071 - Provincial French plate rack in evergreen finish with worn wood peeking through. Lovely in any kitchen! 26H x 25W x 8D. SOLD

JCECNV1271 - Italianate cream iron wall console with forest green leaf and flower details and dusty gold highlights. 35H x 42W x 14D SOLD

JCECNV866 - Ornate scrolling vintage iron 2 legged console, in Old Cream finish.34H x 53W x 15D. SOLD

JCECNV1371 - Perfect Petite Iron Wall Console. Ideal for shelf in bathroom or bedroom - to store towels, display candles, or keep perfume and beauty products. 20H x 26W x 15D. SOLD

JCEAEVN17210 - Antique Clock Face in Original Black with Gold Roman Numerals and lovely Gilt Hands. 71H x 71W x 2D. SOLD

JCEDV0672 - Lovely vintage Medallion Daybed sofa in Natural dark wood \"Black & Tan Look\" Upholstered in Burlap with French Style tufted mattress. (seat height 21\"). 41H x 84W x 28D. SOLD

JCETV0872 – Vintage French Green Coffee Table with original white marble, great color. 21H x 36W x 23D. SOLD

JCETV1372 - Lovely Empire style Gold coffee table with nice white marble top. Note the unique bottom finial. 24H x 43W x 23D. SOLD

JCETV1872 - Louis XVI Gilt coffee table with white marble top, note the very nice stretcher and finial. 23H x 41W x 22D. $1450

JCETV2372 – Vintage Gilt inlaid marble coffee table with nice carvings. 17H x 39W x 24D. SOLD

JCETV0772 - Pair of Green End tables with original white marble tops. Great carving details. Very Unique color. 19H x 18W x 18D. $1650

JCETV0272 - Pair of Vintage Black End tables featuring gilt highlights, white marble tops. Very unique color. Fine details and form. Very sweet. 24H x 16W x 16D. SOLD

Need one, want one call me. Affordable White glove delivery is available to almost every city in the lower 48 states.