Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Hunt for HUGE scale pieces - Part # 1

Recently I took a road trip hunting big pieces down for a few clients who like things with huge scale. These are a few of the things I found. The 1860 scrubbed oak hutch in the first picture was very sweet... one fine detail were the lion heads carved on the sides along with other scroll work.

There were a pair of these beauties!

I love the chicken wire panes. I've been seeing a lot of this in the last 12 months.

Just cool.

What a chandelier.

This arch is about 10 feet long!

A plenitude of treasure.

Loved the industrial stuff. There was a slew of it!


Brooke said...

Hi - I am curious where you were when you found all of these phenomenal pieces! I am on the hunt for some large scale pieces myself, and i saw about 3 or 4 things in these images that I would LOVE to have! Can you share????

Windlost said...

Oh wow Alex, those giant pieces are amazing. I think your job is just about the best!! Wish I lived closer to visit your marvellous finds!!

The Stylish House said...

Great photos! I agree that first piece is massive. You look positively dwarfed by it!