Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Antiqued Swedish Chairs

These Antiqued Swedish chairs have an unassuming 'good' taste look. The end result details from the painting then rubbing and sanding away the top coat to show the wood or base coats gives them an elegant overall effect. Naturally these are from the same company as the one below in the Atlanta Market #5 & 6 post. The side chairs are just delicious!

Gustavian Chair in Antique white. ST.H16.5 x H38 x W18 x D18 in. AND Gustavian side table in Antique white. H29.5 x W20.5 x D14 in.

Lotus chair in antique white. H33 x W18 x D16 in.

Smiling chair in Swedish blue. H36 x W21 x D19 in.

Chair with C.G. carved back in antique white. H37.5 x W18 x D16 in.

Chair with medallion seat 44cm in seafoam. H36 x W18 x D15 in.

Chair with upholstered back . H34.5 x W19 x D17 in.

Curved chair/curved slats in Antique white. H38 x W20 x D17 in.

Curved chair back/straight slats in Antique white. H38 x W20 x D17 in.

Chair rococo in Antique white. H38 x W20 x D17 in.

Rustic Bamboo Chair - in Sea-foam . H33 x W18.5 x D15 in.

Bamboo chair in Sea-foam. H33 x W17 x D16 in.

Settee with single seat in Antique white . H40 x W25 x D24 in.

They are very well made and the details separate them from the rest. Expect 12 -14 weeks for delivery as they are made per order. Call me if interested.


Velvet and Linen said...

These chairs have such great detailing.
Thank you for sharing their beauty.


Willow Decor said...

I love this line. It is high quality and comfortable. It is also so pretty! Thanks for sharing!