Friday, March 27, 2009

Statement Furniture - The kind that makes a room the Room.

This past week a number of clients have been inquiring about significant "statement" pieces for their homes. Most of them (the husbands) started off at the box stores looking for deals on something that is a be a foundation piece in the home...and after they discovered how shoddy most of those big box store pieces are, they came to me. Of course, the pieces I showed them are all custom made in the USA and are heirloom quality and I shocked a few with prices and lost them...and the others have decided that quality over quantity is a better investment.

These beautiful cabinets come in a wide variety of paint and stain finishes. All are built from slow kiln dried hardwoods. Call or email me for more details. I can have them delivered to your home.

The 0432 French inspired hutch is stunning. Measures 91w x 21d x 95h.

The 3632 One Door Armoire. 42w x 23d x 84h.

The 0172 measures 142w x 22d x 105h.

The 6172 Curio...just lovely. measures 53w x 16d x 101h.

The 0870 .... a grand piece. Has pocket door and hides a plasma. Measures 114w x 31d x 103h.

The 0970 makes a statement like a classic piece should... with style. 114w x 20d x 103h.

The 5772 is a rich and old world looking. Love the painted doors. Measures 125w x 33d x 117h.

The 7772 has recessed lighting to show off your treasures. Measures 121w x 26d x 116h.

The 0271 is nicely scaled...perfect for books or fine busts and china. Measures 77w x 23d x 105h.

The 0754 has that grand European feel. Note the detail. Regal. The doors hide a plasma's nesting place.... or if you'd prefer, more shelves. Measures 112w x 24d x 104h.

The 5864 is another fine piece that anchors a room. Measures 118w x 28d x 105h.

The 2955 is a major piece of furniture that defines a room as 'the' room. Measures 173w x 32 x 105h.

The 0065 has a nice, clean feel. Like the columns. Measures 145w x 32d x 105h.

The 1057 is great and doesn't pretend to hide the plasma for those bold enough to say, I love it! Measures 119w x 26d x 105d.

The 7257 is an amazing piece...a display case of grandeur. Measures 165w x 18d x 105h.

The 3467 is a sweet piece with a manual lift front that hides the plasma. Has fabulous hand carved work. Measures 92w x 31d x 117h.

The 7467 reminds me of the old robber barron estates...massive. In the right home I bet this looks amazing. Measures 155w x 27d x 105h.

The 0918 is a fine cabinet. Love the details under the molding. Would make a room. Measures 118w x 22d x 105h.

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Didn't see what you're looking for? There are at least 70 other styles and sizes I did not call me.


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