Monday, March 30, 2009

French Trumeaus and Changing Mirrors

I've always had a soft spot for Trumeaus .... just love them. These are custom ordered and are offered in a wide variety of paint or stain finishes. Click on the images to enlarge them and note the craftsmanship.

Please note that I will be out of town and will not be able to answer inquires until 4/6. Thanks!

The 5804 Oval Dressing mirror. Measures 34w x 26d x 72h.

The 0904 Louis 16th Trumeau ... comes with the jardiniere. Measures 48w x 12d x 96h.

The 0804 Dressing Mirror..nice, simple and clean. Measures 33w x 24d x 72h.

The 5504 ... a classic Trumeau. Perfect on a table or hung behind a loveseat. Measures 35w x 2d x 63h.

The 1404 double Trumeau. Ignore the reflect...sorry. Great looking piece. Measures 55w x 3d x 74h.

The 0404 Versailles style Trumeau. Beautiful detail...a center piece. Measures 55w x 3d x 74h.

The 8304 an elegantly sparse Trumeau. Clean. Handsome. Measures 46w x 4 x 62h.

The 0040 ... a gorgeous piece. Measures 39w x 4d x 54h.

The 5904 ... a very tall Trumeau. Love it. Can visualize a pair flanking a door in a central room. Measures 36w x 4 x 84h

Want one, need one? Email me.

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