Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Original Folio Pages of Bees, Dragonflies and Grasshoppers

I found these fabulous original folio pages in Paris. They are from Marie Jules César Lélorgne de Savigny (1777–1851) who was a member of Napoleon Bonaparte's Egypt campaign in 1798 - 1802. The Zoologie Hymenopteres (Bees and Wasps) plates were part of the 50 or so plates of the animals without invertebrae. They measure 27 1/2" by 21". Savigny went blind working on the invertebrate book and never finished it...a shame as he was good enough that Darwin references him. It's needless to say how rare & beautiful these original copper engravings are. They are in very good condition...a collectors dream.

Please note the awesome watermark..."Egypt Ancienne et Moderne" ...aside from 9 pages of Bees and Wasps, I have 1 Dragonfly page and 1 Grasshopper page left. Three are available Here to view the others, please email.

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Topsy Turvy said...

These are great!