Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fabulous Floor Lamps

I always hear "how hard" it is to find a good floor lamp. Well, here are 15 fabulous ones. Some are made from wrought iron and other wood or a mixture of mediums to give that special look ranging from antiqued, to simple, to contemporary and modern like the glass floor lamp. Cool. All can be shipped right to your home. Call me.

JCCC8003 - This floor lamp has a large “candlestick” styled base. The rich coloration is accentuated by the red silk shade. 3-way Switch. 150 Watt. 61” High. $695

JCCC8043 - This detailed floor lamp with excellent hand forged curves and twists relies on complicated iron working skills for its creation. The lamp is crowned by a unique chamois shade. 3-way Switch. 150 Watt. 62” High. $575

JCCC8324 - This lamp is a great addition to any décor as it works in traditional as well as transitional settings. 3-way Switch. Wrought Iron. 150 watt. 63” High. $499

JCCC8357 - An unusual historical design from the Winterthur Museum?s Archive Collection is made outstanding with its opulent finish of Viejo Gold and Silver, smoked crystals and its seeded glass panels. Not Suitable for Shades. Foot Switch. 25 Watt. 71”High. $1320

JCCC8655 - A detailed, well-proportioned rendition of the classic “barley twist “ form is real wood with the natural look of a fruitwood finish. A simple traditional Shantung shade completes the look. 150 Watt. 3 way switch. 62” High. $565

JCCC8982 – A sleekly modern Lamp with a rich brass body mounted on a Granite foundation. Gold shade.150 Watt. 3 way Switch. 66” High. $645

JCCC8803 - The floor lamp has a polished and beveled lead-free optic crystal body. Crowned by an ivory shantung shade. 150 Watt. 3-way Switch. 63” High. $1095

JCCC8654 - Hand carved wood lamp is accentuated by hand the painted finish in black with gold accents. The ivory shade is made from silk and is hand sewn with a pleated gallery. 150 Watt. 3-way Switch. 62” High. $399

JCCC8004 - This lamp has an Italian inspired transitional style. The lamp is crowned by a simple, but elegant multi-layered trim shade in beige silk. 3-way Switch. 150 Watt. 62” High. $695

JCCC8005 - The floor lamp features a traditional Chinese Chinnoiserie painting. The lamp comes with a black & gold stripe shade with embellished trimming. . 3-way Switch. 150 Watt. 65” High. $850

JCCC8968 - Transitional handsome black lamp with brass fittings. . 3-way Switch. 150 Watt. 65” High. $465

JCCC8011 - Coco delivers a classic design of mid-century modern elegance. It is nickel plated cast brass with a cream silk shade. 3-way Switch. 150 Watt. 62” High. $695

JCCC8012 - This distinctive torchiere is created from natural Capiz Shell. It will provide a pleasant glow in any area. The iron structure has a rich antique silver leaf finish. 150 Watt. Turn On/Off. 69” High. $975

JCCC8630 - This handmade gold leaf floor lamp is accented with leaves and bamboo like rings. The lamp has a hand sewn pleated cream crinkle shade and coordinating leaf finial. . 3-way Switch. 150 Watt. 61” High. $625

JCCC8551 - Elegant scale and unique decoration give this candelabra a distinctive look. The metal is hand forged into shape and the base is accented with gold leaf and clear and colored crystals. 25 Watt. Foot Switch. 64” High. $1325

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DesignTies said...

Well that figures -- I WOULD like the two most expensive lamps the best!! It's not easy having champagne taste and a beer budget!! ;-)

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