Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Spring Lighting

This a nice line up of eclectic lamps.... it's just fun seeing such a mixture thrown together in a line-up. Half of these were introduced this week at the High Point Market. A post on the hot market goodies will be coming forth soon.

JCCCC6258 – An aluminum French trophy style lamp. Cool. 28 high and the Shade is Black PVC, 6/4x16/10x10.5. 1 way. 60 watt. $350

JCCC6930 - Fine Optic Crystal is machined and polished to create the very sophisticated Rainwater Table Lamp. European style wiring gives an unobstructed clarity to the base. The elegant shape is accented with a handmade box pleat shade that incorporates two distinctive fabrics for a two-toned effect. 3-way Switch. Max Watt is 150. 30h and the shade is Champagne/Taupe Box Pleat, 14x14x10. Body is Crystal. $855

JCCCC6935 - A sophisticated crystal table lamp in a traditional urn shape is accented with antique brass fittings. The beige silk shade adds to the overall elegance of this piece. 35 High and Shade is Beige Silk, 6/4x16/10x13.5. 1 way and 75 watt. Crystal and Brass. $915

JCCCC6986 - A unique crystal and antique brass table lamp. Definitely a show stopper. 33 High and the Shade is Crystal Prism, 8x8x6. 1 way and 75 watt. Brass and Crystal. $335

JCCCC6993 - The Couture Table Lamp draws its name from an off-white raised pattern on an off-white lamp body, almost like trapunto in the couture world. The bell shade is cylindrical with a coordinating braid trim. 29high. Shade is Beige Silk, 10 x 11 x 12. Porcelain body. 3 way. 100 watt. $265

JCCCC6980 - Seeded glass table lamp in a fun shape. The lamp features a silver shantung shade. 33 high. Shade is 16x18x11. 3 way switch. 150 watt. $300

JCCCC6892 – A classical and elegant light with slim profile. 43 high. Shade is Dark Beige Silk, 6x21x10. 3 way switch. 150 watt. $575

JCCC6875 - This lamp features a unique combination of brass and crystal. The lamp is crowned by a pleated cream silk shade. 34 high and the shade is Cream Silk, 8 x 16 x 11. 3 way. 100 watt. $550

JCCC6744 - The reverse glazing technique on this lamp makes it unique. The earthy colors and the natural linen shade add to the quiet sophistication. 36 high and the Shade is Beige Linen, 16 x 18 x 22. 3 way. 150 Watt. $375

JCCC6599 - A white oversized porcelain table lamp. The lamp features a beige silk shade. 33 high and the Shade is Beige Silk, 7.5/7.5 x 18/18 x 11.5. $365

JCCCC6541 - This lamp has a unique and exquisite reverse painted glass applique on the base. The rectangular fishtailed shaped urn lamp has an antique gold and silver finish. The look is completed by a cream silk rectangle bell shade. 35 high and the Shade is Cream Silk, 8/6 x 18/14 x 13. 3 way. 150 Watt. $595

JCCCC6491 - Classic reference to the traditional olive jar. The pleated shade adds to the traditional look.28 high and the Shade is a Beige Linen, 16x18x12. 3 way. $335

JCCCC6454 - This contemporary porcelain lamp has an exclusive metallic glaze. The glaze makes this lamp truly distinctive. 35 high and the Shade is a Charcoal Tweed, 7/6 x 21/18 x 11. 3 way. 150 watt. $425

JCCCC6443 - Very elegant and sophisticated table lamp. The lamp is white porcelain with distinctive antique brass accents. The lamp is topped by a drum shaped cream silk shade. 36 high and the shade is a Cream Silk, 11x12x14. 3 way. $295

JCCCC6305 – A fabulous hand painted silver and black table lamp. Made from ceramic and wood. 34 high and the shade is Black Silk, 14x15x12. 3 way switch. 150 watt. $365

Need one, want one? Call me: 603-431-4222.
*All lighting products that are shown on this J.Covington*Design post have been designed and engineered to meet the rigid safety standards established by UNDERWRITER'S LABORATORY and bear the UL/CUI label (E141302 or E163523). This safety certification is valid in the United States and Canada.


Kellogg Collection said...

Just returned from High Point too. Can't wait to see what caught your eye. Fine minds think alike. Cheers, Homer.

Julie Neill Designs said...

Great lamps! I love the rainwater crystal one.