Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Fabulous Antiques

This eye-catching vintage wine chiller came from a Palm Springs estate....undoubtedly it has chilled scores of delicious bottles. The dog faced lions holding the braided handles give this a one-of-a-kind look. It has the well worn patina that an electroplated silver party vessel of its age should Sean Connery's wrinkles...need I say more? Summer is almost here. Of course during off season feathers really spice it up. Measures 11 1/8" High and9 1/2" Deep. Click Here for more images etc.

There are dogs and then there are bright dogs... and this pair of antique, large glass-eyed English Staffordshire dogs will light any room. They are in great shape and and are mounted on a wooden platform. The brass lamp posts are mounted behind the dogs preserving their integrity. fabulous character...1860's. Click Here for more images etc.

This fine porcelain ginger jar is from Northern China and is from the Jiaquing Period (1796 - 1820). Aside from having the orange peel texture, the fluidity and grace of the lines were created by a master craftsman. The cobalt blue ranges in three shades - a gentle tone and a medium darker one and a dark Persian blue primarily used on the bamboo leaves. The nice image of a bird watching a flying insect while two others escape. The details on the bird is stunning. Please use zoom feature to admire the work. Has the double blue circles of divination and happiness. Measures 5 1/2" High. Click Here for more images and info.

A fantastic French mirror with the torch and arrows of liberty and justice. It is in very good condition. The carved details give this mirror a regal look. It is classy and classic. The vermilion paint under the gold, shows very faintly here-and-there and gives the gold a nice depth. 1890. France. Measures: 17 3/4" by 29" H. Click here for more images etc.

This is a wonderful example of a French bedroom sofa. It has beautiful lines and the size makes it perfect and versatile...put it at the foot of a bed, in the hall, or kitchen. Found in northern France and recovered....and was declared a sweet ride by Retail Girl. Click Here for more info.

This lovely stool has beautiful corkscrew legs. Use the zoom feature to enjoy the smooth finish and deep patina on these legs! The top was replaced with a cool green checker pattern fabric. Found in England. c. 1860. Click Here for images etc.

These lovely Parisian tea tins are beautifully painted. Each has 2 flower paintings, one with a hunting horn, spears and arrows, and musical instruments. Click Here for more images and info.

This delightful pair of spelter lamp bases, feature a farmer and his wife holding woven baskets...she is standing alongside a till and he wheat and is holding a rake. The patina and character they have is amazing..traces of yellow, gold and bronze paint. Circa 1920's. Click Here for more images and info.

A Light Green vintage pie cooling rack. Folds to tuck away when not in use. Circa 1920's. 15 1/4" wide and 19" high. Drying space is 2 3/8' high .... perfect for apple or fruit tarts etc. Click Here for more images and info.


DesignTies said...

So many wonderful pieces here :-) I really like the dog lamps and the zebra print cushions with tassels on the bedroom sofa. And the stool with the corkscrew legs is so unique and fun :-) Oh, and can't forget Retail Girl!!

Looking through some of your older posts, I was really drawn to some of the armoires and chandeliers. And that 102" high wall cabinet is REALLY impressive!!

Thank you so much for visiting our blog and adding us to your blogroll -- we really appreciate it :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

Alex, so many wonderful antique pieces. I am drawn to the pair of spelter lamp bases...the fact that the man and woman are working together. The details are amazing.