Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recycled Coffee Wood Furniture - Hot from High Point

This new line of recycled Coffee Wood tree material is the main in this collection. The unique pieces are not only made of reclaimed wood, but also handcrafted from start to finish. The coffee wood is naturally colored with only a clear finish of hand rubbed lacquer. Before the coffee wood is used, it is boiled and then treated to prevent insect problems.... I like this idea verse the use of chemical treatments. All in all, the rugged and natural look of these pieces is appealing. I think they'll be hot and will be a great replacement for Faux Bois.

JCCC4327 – Recycled Coffee Wood Consol Table. The aniline stained tops are made of 1” thick recycled, kiln dried Tanguile wood. 54w x 19d x 35h. $1195

JCCCC4326 – Rectangle Coffee table. How cool. Very unique …. read the above Consol Table description for the rest of the info. 48w x 28d x 19h. $1395

JCCCC4325 – Square Coffee table from recycled coffee wood trees. 36sq x 19h. $1195

JCCCC4321 – Round pedestal top table. 18rd x 22h. $550

JCCCC4324 – Square Pedestal top table. 22sq x 26h $595

JCCCC4328 – Glass top coffee table. Looks wonderful. Same cool recycled wood from the Coffee Wood Tree. 44w x 26d x 19h. $1195

JCCCC4329 – Glass top pedestal side table. 20d x 24h. $795

Need one, want one? Call me.


DesignTies said...

These tables are so intriguing. Love that they're made from recycled wood, AND that the wood isn't treated with chemicals.

My favourite is the last table, with the intertwined legs. It would be even better with a Tanguile wood top :-)

Thanks for the link to Cleopatra. Great looking dog stuff!! Much better than those silly Doggles/Chewoggles (love that name you came up with!!)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I'm loving those great tables!

Oh...I should have a giveaway. Perfect idea.

I'll enter. Oh, maybe 100 times.



praveen said...

Very nice tables, can you pls post
some more pictures. Great tables..