Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Sunburst Mirror Collection

The other day I found Besty Jeczka's blog called - in translation - "A New House In Old Style" and she has some absolutely wonderful images.... that took time to put together with taste and style. In particular, I loved her Sunburst Mirror Study .... I borrowed a few of the images from her site, but you should visit her to see the incredible variation of them! I love the second one down - made from huge porcupine quills - very cool !!! Click on her blog name and go see two dozen fabulous starburst mirrors.

Question du jour - what do you call them? Sunburst or Starburst Mirrors?


Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

I read the title of your post and knew I had to take a look. Sunburst mirrors can add so much to a room. I do love them!

Things That Inspire said...

Every time I mention a sunburst or starburst mirror, I wonder which is the correct term. I must call them sunburst more often than not, as 'sunburst mirror' is one the top search terms that brings google searches to my blog.

Maria Killam said...

Those mirrors are hot and you have shown some beautiful ones!