Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recycled Coffee Wood Furniture - Hot from High Point

This new line of recycled Coffee Wood tree material is the main in this collection. The unique pieces are not only made of reclaimed wood, but also handcrafted from start to finish. The coffee wood is naturally colored with only a clear finish of hand rubbed lacquer. Before the coffee wood is used, it is boiled and then treated to prevent insect problems.... I like this idea verse the use of chemical treatments. All in all, the rugged and natural look of these pieces is appealing. I think they'll be hot and will be a great replacement for Faux Bois.

JCCC4327 – Recycled Coffee Wood Consol Table. The aniline stained tops are made of 1” thick recycled, kiln dried Tanguile wood. 54w x 19d x 35h. $1195

JCCCC4326 – Rectangle Coffee table. How cool. Very unique …. read the above Consol Table description for the rest of the info. 48w x 28d x 19h. $1395

JCCCC4325 – Square Coffee table from recycled coffee wood trees. 36sq x 19h. $1195

JCCCC4321 – Round pedestal top table. 18rd x 22h. $550

JCCCC4324 – Square Pedestal top table. 22sq x 26h $595

JCCCC4328 – Glass top coffee table. Looks wonderful. Same cool recycled wood from the Coffee Wood Tree. 44w x 26d x 19h. $1195

JCCCC4329 – Glass top pedestal side table. 20d x 24h. $795

Need one, want one? Call me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Spring Lighting

This a nice line up of eclectic lamps.... it's just fun seeing such a mixture thrown together in a line-up. Half of these were introduced this week at the High Point Market. A post on the hot market goodies will be coming forth soon.

JCCCC6258 – An aluminum French trophy style lamp. Cool. 28 high and the Shade is Black PVC, 6/4x16/10x10.5. 1 way. 60 watt. $350

JCCC6930 - Fine Optic Crystal is machined and polished to create the very sophisticated Rainwater Table Lamp. European style wiring gives an unobstructed clarity to the base. The elegant shape is accented with a handmade box pleat shade that incorporates two distinctive fabrics for a two-toned effect. 3-way Switch. Max Watt is 150. 30h and the shade is Champagne/Taupe Box Pleat, 14x14x10. Body is Crystal. $855

JCCCC6935 - A sophisticated crystal table lamp in a traditional urn shape is accented with antique brass fittings. The beige silk shade adds to the overall elegance of this piece. 35 High and Shade is Beige Silk, 6/4x16/10x13.5. 1 way and 75 watt. Crystal and Brass. $915

JCCCC6986 - A unique crystal and antique brass table lamp. Definitely a show stopper. 33 High and the Shade is Crystal Prism, 8x8x6. 1 way and 75 watt. Brass and Crystal. $335

JCCCC6993 - The Couture Table Lamp draws its name from an off-white raised pattern on an off-white lamp body, almost like trapunto in the couture world. The bell shade is cylindrical with a coordinating braid trim. 29high. Shade is Beige Silk, 10 x 11 x 12. Porcelain body. 3 way. 100 watt. $265

JCCCC6980 - Seeded glass table lamp in a fun shape. The lamp features a silver shantung shade. 33 high. Shade is 16x18x11. 3 way switch. 150 watt. $300

JCCCC6892 – A classical and elegant light with slim profile. 43 high. Shade is Dark Beige Silk, 6x21x10. 3 way switch. 150 watt. $575

JCCC6875 - This lamp features a unique combination of brass and crystal. The lamp is crowned by a pleated cream silk shade. 34 high and the shade is Cream Silk, 8 x 16 x 11. 3 way. 100 watt. $550

JCCC6744 - The reverse glazing technique on this lamp makes it unique. The earthy colors and the natural linen shade add to the quiet sophistication. 36 high and the Shade is Beige Linen, 16 x 18 x 22. 3 way. 150 Watt. $375

JCCC6599 - A white oversized porcelain table lamp. The lamp features a beige silk shade. 33 high and the Shade is Beige Silk, 7.5/7.5 x 18/18 x 11.5. $365

JCCCC6541 - This lamp has a unique and exquisite reverse painted glass applique on the base. The rectangular fishtailed shaped urn lamp has an antique gold and silver finish. The look is completed by a cream silk rectangle bell shade. 35 high and the Shade is Cream Silk, 8/6 x 18/14 x 13. 3 way. 150 Watt. $595

JCCCC6491 - Classic reference to the traditional olive jar. The pleated shade adds to the traditional look.28 high and the Shade is a Beige Linen, 16x18x12. 3 way. $335

JCCCC6454 - This contemporary porcelain lamp has an exclusive metallic glaze. The glaze makes this lamp truly distinctive. 35 high and the Shade is a Charcoal Tweed, 7/6 x 21/18 x 11. 3 way. 150 watt. $425

JCCCC6443 - Very elegant and sophisticated table lamp. The lamp is white porcelain with distinctive antique brass accents. The lamp is topped by a drum shaped cream silk shade. 36 high and the shade is a Cream Silk, 11x12x14. 3 way. $295

JCCCC6305 – A fabulous hand painted silver and black table lamp. Made from ceramic and wood. 34 high and the shade is Black Silk, 14x15x12. 3 way switch. 150 watt. $365

Need one, want one? Call me: 603-431-4222.
*All lighting products that are shown on this J.Covington*Design post have been designed and engineered to meet the rigid safety standards established by UNDERWRITER'S LABORATORY and bear the UL/CUI label (E141302 or E163523). This safety certification is valid in the United States and Canada.

A Sunburst Mirror Collection

The other day I found Besty Jeczka's blog called - in translation - "A New House In Old Style" and she has some absolutely wonderful images.... that took time to put together with taste and style. In particular, I loved her Sunburst Mirror Study .... I borrowed a few of the images from her site, but you should visit her to see the incredible variation of them! I love the second one down - made from huge porcupine quills - very cool !!! Click on her blog name and go see two dozen fabulous starburst mirrors.

Question du jour - what do you call them? Sunburst or Starburst Mirrors?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

35 Beautiful Vignettes

We spent the last few days satisfying the spring cleaning urge by rearranging the store. It is amazing how fresh a home or store can feel by something so simple.... just love it.

To find out more on the French and English Antiques in the below pictures - click here.

Our design design projects are all over New England and more. Click here and here for some portfolio examples from two of our other websites.

For more vignettes click here.

I found this 1860's mahogany Chest of Drawers in England. It is topped with two thin lamps, antique books, black forest match holder and tea caddies. It is flanked by two tufted Marlboro Chairs by Hickory Chair.

A Victorian table top nickel mirror sits on a Georgian side table. A pair of tobacco tins and asparagus plates finish it off. The Alpine walking sticks are a favorite.

Another nice English Chest of Drawers topped with a French Mirror. The Wucai platter is fronted by a pair of vintage Mastiff bookends.

Love these linen covered Lee boudoir chairs.

A Weston love seat by Hickory Chair and covered in a micro leopard print. Fronted by a tapered leg English table topped with a tea caddy, magnifying glass, saint carving, and glass vases with Perrin Mowen Beeswax candles.

Just love filling these old English tins with floral arrangements. This one has branches of custard apples, figs and palmetto berries.... visually heavy with texture. Always have a handful of green pots!

Lee industries washable slip covered yellow apartment sofa. A French grape trug filled with sunflowers sit beside it.

Nice table top texture and decor.... interesting mixture of shapes under some 200 year old Italian Candle Pedestals.

A mirror side table and a collection of smalls.

A pair of petite, but comfortable Lee chairs and an English corkscrew stool and a small French stool.

A French boudoir sofa, a hutch filled with blue and white and a pair of wooden trophy urns. 1920's...England.

A table top of tulips and smalls.

A Lee sofa and an antique Chinese baby bath filled with matches.

Marlboro chairs covered in Cowtan & Tout and a late Georgian / beginning Regency Hepplewhite table.

A great oil... sheep painting... never cleaned.

A Hickory Chair boudoir sofa that everyone loves ... and so do the Danish mice!

Aie, aie, aie - Sunflowers and summer!!!!!!! It's 80 today.... and I'm at work. Hmmmm? Ican foresee a sudden flu outbreak....cough, hack, ummm ....hookie.

A small oak secretary from England.

A lovely mahogany Chest of Drawers and a rare Louis XIV petite armoire.... Machrin style. Circa 1680-1710.

A great cabriole French table topped with some interesting finds.

The perfect Welsh Cupboard.

A Charles sofa by Hickory Chair and an Ottoman found in France.

Just decor and a Parisian Flea Market leather Rawlings chair by Hickory Chair....yummy.

A collection of Victorian paper mache plates and boxes.

A flip-top Victorian table.

A post box from a hotel in England, a tea caddy and a Georgian Apprentice Chest.

A cool Spool Chair by Hickory Chair.

A Georgian Lowboy flanked by two Coverall dining chairs by Lee.

Had to beautify the nook going into the fabric room.

The fabric room.

We are located 1 hour north of Boston.... and 4 hours from New York City ..... so all of you day trippers..... please stop in. We are in Downtown Portsmouth between the Sheraton Harborside Hotel and the Hilton Garden Inn and 300 feet from the river off Market Street. Take exit #7 off 95 before the bridge going into Maine. Directions.