Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Designer Showhouse Room

This summer we participated in the York, Maine Designer Show House.... and the location was on spectacular York Harbor. We chose a harbor view bedroom in the back of the 6,500 sq ft home, and it was a bit tough, as the ceilings were low and 1/2 of one wall was a closet. However, we had fun. The floor was in absolutely horrid condition and required 5 coats of base paint and the walls took 3.

My business partner and mother Jane Derby, was the primary designer and I acted as the assistant and sounding board for several months as we drove some 1000+ miles searching for the right pieces to make the room come together and pop. Of course the room under went 2 or 3 total drawing board transformations before we keyed in on what made us smile. We wanted the room to be soft and relaxing - a comfortable place to read or nap.

The beds were our starting point... Thomas O'Brian had just released this bed during the Hickory Chair spring collection as a King and we loved it. But as it was too large, we re-drew it, scaled it, tweaked it and asked HC & him if he'd consider making it smaller for us... and volia, the proto types are below! And for that we owe Hickory Chair and Mr. O'Brian a huge thank you.

I love the painted floors - we wanted it to be a prime focus, but visually soft and sophisticated.

We took this antique chest of drawers and had it painted and finished with a faux bamboo pattern. The marble topped French pastry table features a faux bamboo iron frame the picks up on the chest.

If any of these pieces interest you or if you'd like design consultation, please call.

The photographs were taken by Dan R. Derby http://www.danrderby.com/
Visit Jane's new blog: http://thelookyoulove.blogspot.com/


Boxwood Terrace said...

I saw the room at the showhouse this summer and it was beatiful. Nice to see it again!

My Notting Hill said...

Stunning! So wish I could have seen your room in person. The floors beautifully compliment the overall design.

A Perfect Gray said...

of course, I love those grays! but I really love the painted floor - the perfect thing to bring the room together...

I very much enjoyed seeing the room...


Windlost said...

Alex, thanks for popping bu my blog and I was just about to pay you a visit after this post appeared on my sidebar and looked alluring!

The room is incredible! Restful, tranquil perfection - I would love a whole house that looked like this. I believe in home as santuary and this is what you two have created. Amazing job!


May I ask where that tufted armchair is from. Swoon. And those beds are exquisite. Impeccable taste you two!

xo Terri

Windlost said...

Alex, how did I forget the painted floors? Exquisite.
I would love to try this but can imagine it would take about 10000 hours.
xo Terri

Julio Muao said...

Fabulous Alex! I love every detail. Very inspiring! Beautiful design.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog – it's great!