Monday, June 27, 2011

Beach House Accessories

This is a little bit of the coastal decor / beach house accessory found in the new J. Covington Home store.... of course there are over 100 more yummy pieces.

A cool white crab lamp, blue heron pillow, low country bowl, fancy hurricanes (6 other styles are available) and Blue Dory Table Runner.

Aged twist candle candlesticks, a dozen crab and coral pillows, octopus table runner - and oyster, sardines and nautilus runners too, and gorgeous mouth blown glass spheres.

Starfish and Seahorse Pillows, Beach House Wall Art, Lamps and Crab Table Runners.

A gorgeous turquoise crab lamp.

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Robert at Luxury Homes said...

These items are very cool! One thing about living near the beach is the difficulty in finding unique pieces to enhance your "beach decor".

After seeing 20 or so homes - the same starfish, the same seagull, and the same fishing net greets you over and over.

The crab lamps I have never seen - and evidently they come in several colors. What a find!