Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If you were hired in Dubai....

During the last High Point show while waiting for Suzanne Kasler to speak, I had the pleasure of talking with a remarkable designer from Dubai...and unfortunately I have lost her card. But with the billions of dollars being thrown around over there, it must be amazing to be in the midst of it all....carte blanche accounts and mon dieu, I need to take a breathe. Of course there must be slews of headache and heart-break too.

Some of the designers live in Dubai and some do not, but they all do business there....where the $$$ is.

During my hunt for designers and images, I wanted to avoid what I would consider the stero-typical middle eastern look and see what is happening there that could just as well be in LA, NY, Dallas, Tampa and so forth.

If you could have a project what would it be? A prince's palace? A cosmopolitan apartment? An escape cottage on an Oasis? A Persian Gulf beach house? Do tell.

These are by Jean Louis Mainguy and are his Classic style.

These are his Fusion Style.

Contemporary Style.

These classic and contemporary apartments are by Mona Hatem -Interior Architecture and Design in Lebanon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Art of Wallpaper

I have always been enamored with these amazing antique block print wallpapers. Aside from the design aspect, I find it interesting in that most of these wallpaper scenes examine the new discoveries and beauties of an unknown world full of promise... either in botany or geography. The Musee du Papier Peint, where the first four images are from, has a nice collection and fantastic list of useful links.

The Port of Boston (below) is from "Scenic America" and was designed by Jean-Julien Deltil for Jean Zuber & Cie in 1834. Block-printed. It is still printed by Zuber and Co.

Niagara Falls scenic wallpaper. Designed by Jean Julien Deltil. Printed byJean Zuber & Cie in 1834. Block-printed. It is still printed by Zuber & Cie.

The French in Egypt (below )was designed by Jean Julien Deltil, Velay, Paris, 1818. Block-printed.

Eldorado Wallpaper (below) was Designed by Eugéne Ehrmann, Georges Zipélius and Joseph FuchsJean Zuber & Cie, Rixheim, 1849Block-printed. This scenic is still printed by Zuber & Cie.

These last three wallpapers are from the Museum of Alsace.

"Fêtes du roi aux Champs-Élysées" : la distribution gratuite de vin. Made by Velay, Paris, in 1825, after a book by Léopold Boilly. Impression à la planche. Ancienne Collection Follot, Paris. D. Giannelli, Musée du Papier Peint ©, 2008

I love the vivid color in these last two wallpapers and the classic Greco-Roman imagery.

A drapery motif wallpaper. Made in France about 1800-1810. Impression à la planche. (Block-print) by D. Giannelli, Musée du Papier Peint ©, 2008

Another drapery motif wallpaper. Made by Joseph Dufour, D. Giannelli, Musée du Papier Peint ©, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lite my Night

I'm a huge fan of outdoor fireplaces... there's something about wood, rock and flame that feels so durn good and even better if you've got lots of company. So if the cave instincts won't go away, then pull up a chair and lets sit & sip and listen to the crackle and pops.

Thomas J. Story for Sunset Mag. photographed this and a few other nice ones.

In Maine, of course!

I like this Stonehenge look...rough and ancient....perfect for a mountain retreat.

Accent Magazine has a new article, 'Sculpting the Flames" - I clipped the 4 of the pic's there.

Landscape aesthetics has a few nice one too.

The great thing about a outdoor fireplace like these, is that their personality can complement your home and add aesthetic and dollar value. I'd like an outdoor bread & pizza oven too.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Gorgeous by Night

I've always liked the warmth a home radiates when its all lit up. The lines of the house really pop then, and the magnification of the yard's "texture" also jumps out and grabs you. Like the House Psychology post by Joni from Cote de Texas, these houses were found while exploring New Zealand real estate websites like Viviun.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Refreshing Checks

I love the refreshing feeling checkered fabric can lend to a room...airy yet balanced when anchored in. These collages are examples from our portfolio.

If you'd like to watch a slide show of some stunning rooms and architectural details, then visit Dan Derby... and see some more of our portfolio and his.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cool & Custom Lighting

A great lighting source is always a treasure to have, and Rejuvenation is an awesome store that may add some spark to your home. I used to live across the bridge from them in Portland, OR and I dearly miss them...check them out for your lighting and hardware needs.

Aside from new lighting, they carry antiques and offer a custom made service too....with choices of metal finish, shade or art glass color, fixture length, switch, vaulted/sloped ceiling mount, and more, you can customize our light fixtures to meet your specific needs.

This classic Lombard line can be custom ordered in 15 colors - cool for all of those porches, pantries, hallways and more.

A variation in green.

Classic opal bell shade in blue...comes in 6 other colors.

This is an Oak chandelier, circa 1910, is from the Arts & Crafts period.

This converted gas to electric fixture, c.1900 is well, extraordinary.

And if you didn't find what you needed, try HIPPO HARDWARE ... another Portland lighting and hardware institution. They have 30,000 sq. ft. full of lighting, hardware, architectural pieces, and plumbing. The cool thing is they specialize in items from 1850 - 1960.... and yes, I miss them too. My antique warehouse was down Burnside and I'd run up to them for hardware on a regular basis.