Sunday, August 3, 2008

Seacoast Architectural Salvage Yards

Green is good, and reclaimed salvage has character, history and the sweet factor that your friends can't copy you.... yes, one-of-a-kind is king! Naturally a day spent cruising the New Hampshire and Maine coast sampling lobster rolls, checking out local antique shops and enjoying the briny sea air is a worthy quest.

These columns were found at Architectural Antiquities in Harborside Maine for $495 as a pair! And yes, they are Maine's oldest Victorian Architectural dealer.

Another great stopping place is Architectural Salvage Inc. in Exeter, NH.

If you need a break, LL Bean is in Freeport, Maine....but not to fear...keep heading north to the delightful city of Portland and there you'll find Portland Architectural Salvage. They are loaded with mantels, plumbing, stairways, garden goodies, furniture and more.

Of course who can resist stopping in Kennebunk?! Beautiful homes, fly fishing, food and a smashingly cool destination, The Old House Parts Company. They are a great resource for all of it: glass, doors, hardware and even items from a Convent!

Happy hunting!

**A note to remember: Old furniture and other items may have Lead Paint!

*** CLICK HERE for a good source on lead dust and awareness.


Pigtown-Design said...

There are two great salvage places in baltimore... Housewerks and Second Chance. 2nd Chance is a lots more expensive and is allegedly a non-profit. Housewerks has great industrial stuff.

Alex said...

Great tips...always looking for thoese kinds on places to visit as I drive south 2 times a year. Thanks!

columnist said...

Love the Corinthian Columns. Naturally.

Anonymous said...

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