Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lite my Night

I'm a huge fan of outdoor fireplaces... there's something about wood, rock and flame that feels so durn good and even better if you've got lots of company. So if the cave instincts won't go away, then pull up a chair and lets sit & sip and listen to the crackle and pops.

Thomas J. Story for Sunset Mag. photographed this and a few other nice ones.

In Maine, of course!

I like this Stonehenge look...rough and ancient....perfect for a mountain retreat.

Accent Magazine has a new article, 'Sculpting the Flames" - I clipped the 4 of the pic's there.

Landscape aesthetics has a few nice one too.

The great thing about a outdoor fireplace like these, is that their personality can complement your home and add aesthetic and dollar value. I'd like an outdoor bread & pizza oven too.


katiedid said...

These are great inspiration. We are planning to put in an outdoor fireplace at our house at some point. Fun to see.

Willow Decor: said...

I love outdoor fireplaces. I have a thick file of photos and planned to do a similar post in the fall! Thanks for sharing!

Things That Inspire said...

I dream of having landscaping that includes a wonderful outdoor fireplace. It gets quite cool in the evenings in Atlanta (fall, spring, winter), yet most evenings it is still pleasant enough to be outside.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I have to save a few of these photos in case I ever have the chance to build my own.