Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fabulous Lighting - Sneak Peak Before Spring '09 Market

This fabulous group of lighting fixtures will make their debut next week at the High Point Spring market. I also included two decorative obelisk.... interesting thing is I've been seeing a lot of antique and vintage mirrored obelisk recently including one that was a 7 foot high one door armoire from the 1930's ... of course it was only....Gulp.... $15,000 !!! I need new trousers with deeper pockets.

JCCC5007 – Antiqued mirror starburst wall sconce. 60 Watt. 14w x 15h x 8d and $699

JCCC1336 – Glass, mirror and wood desk obelisk… 22” for $295 and 28” high for $345
JCCC1334 – Mirror desk obelisk …22” high for $295 and the 28” high for $345

JCCC5024 – Serengeti Wall Sconce – left. 75 Watt. 10w x 29h x 10d. Same for the right side sconce. These are composite replicas of kudu horns. $395

JCCC6016 – the Serengeti table Lamp. Tres Cool. 35” High. 150 Watt. Shade is 6x20x10. Three-way switch. Composite Horn. $435

JCCC9793 – The Driftwood Chandelier. 60 Watt. 24rd x 27h. $715

JCCC9690 – An amazing Black Shell Grotto Chandelier. 32rd x 45h. 60 Watt. $2100

JCCC9691 – The small black Shell Grotto Chandelier. 27rd x 27h. 60 Watt. $1650

JCCC9794 – A fabulously light and airy wire chandelier. 30rd x 43h. 60 Watt. $1095

JCCC6893 – Great Scale. Composite 34” high with a white shade measuring 16x20x12. 3-way. 150 Watt. $575

JCCC5009 – A fabulous Iron and Crystal floral wall sconce. 16w x 25h x 5d. 60 Watt. $950

JCCC5014 – the Midnight Wall Sconce. Made from shells & iron. 19w x 25h x 9d. 60 Watt. $535

JCCC9000 – The Quantum Chandelier. 31rd x 28h. 60 Watt. $1550

JCCC9002 – The Stratosphere Chandelier. 46rd x 52h. 60 Watt. $2900

JCCC9001 – The Wanderlust Chandelier. 20rd x 43h 60 Watt. $1550

JCCC9005 – The Roundabout Pendant – truly a cool piece! 13rd x 14h. 100 Watt. $525

JCCC9004 – The Bettina Pendant. 10rd x 19h. 100 Watt. $525

JCCC9677 – A lovely frond style chandelier. 28rd x 35h. 60 Watt. $1795

Shipping is very reasonable...lusting? Call me.

*All lighting products that are shown on this J.Covington*Design post have been designed and engineered to meet the rigid safety standards established by UNDERWRITER'S LABORATORY and bear the UL/CUI label (E141302 or E163523). This safety certification is valid in the United States and Canada.


Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

Alex, so many goodies! The serengeti wall sconce is my favorite!

DesignTies said...

My favourite is the antique mirrored starburst wall sconce. The obelisks are nice too :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

cotedetexas said...

dont ask me to pick a favorite - i couldn't - but i am partial to the sconces!!! hehe

Willow Decor said...

Oooh all such fabulous pieces. But, I am very partial to the mirrored ones!