Monday, January 26, 2009

Leopard Here - Leopard There

I know a lot of people do not care for animal prints, but I think they're great as throws, pillows, re-upholstered seat covers, carpets or doorstops... and the leopard doorstop below is a favorite for my clients.

I just love this Leopard print carpet we ran up the stairway in this 200 year old house. Notice how the light from the window makes it come alive as you look down the steps.

And how rich in tone it is looking up at it from a darkened POV.

I really liked this leopard border on the carpet. One great feature is it made from polypropylene and if it gets dirty you can soap and hose it off!

This old French stool needed a new covering... and this micro-leopard print by Cowtan & Tout was a first choice.

This is a Weston sofa by Hickory Chair in another micro-leopard COM fabric...alas, the fabric has been discontinued and the sofa is now a one-of-a-kind.

A close of of the leopard fabric.

A fabulous leopard needlepoint lumbar pillow measuring 42" long.

Of course I had to show the Lion pattern.

A sweet little Georgian stool from my last England trip.

And this leopard needlepoint fabric is vibrant. Has a nice feel.

Click Here for more animal print pillows.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks for the Mention!

The talented Brooke from Velvet & Linen surprised me with a very nice mention this morning. Thank you....and everyone should go visit her site to see the wonderful French, Spanish & Italian projects she and her husband Steve have worked on.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fabulous Atlanta Market Find # 8

This line is just fabulous. The trunks, chests, and coffee tables in leather, steel, cow hide or kilim is staggering. And of course, I didn't even show all...leather cubed boxes with family crests, cartridge cases on stands..trunks on stands, several other chest of drawers etc. These pieces were displayed in a very large showroom with pine and dark wood furniture in a very modern and contemporary style. The steel pieces were hot...some are sold out for now...give me a call if anything catches your eye.

An interesting Bar.

A very cool steel coffee table with fabulous storage. Sold out for now...sorry.

Reminds me of the exploring years in the 1920's.... Machu Picchu or Egypt anyone? Just cool.

More steel.... just looks good.

For all of you Union Jack lovers. Sold out for now...sorry.

Good bedside and or anywhere tables... see below the Kilim and Hide styles.

A Hide coffee table...also comes in a faux crocodile leather, ebony, kilim and a cigar leather style.

Liked these tall and skinny ones.

The wideboy. Tres cool for dealing with space.

A nice and small two drawer table...great for apartments.

As you can see...the kilim has a mellow look. Sure, the flash popped it some...but it still looks nice.

Rich color...of course each one will be somewhat different...such is nature.

A cool two-tone barrel chair and is was very comfortable. Hide on this side and leather in front - see below.

Note the cool steel coffee table in the background and the handsome faux crocodile cubed trunk.

Want one or two? Need dimensions? Call or email.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Walk in the Snow

This was a snow storm I really enjoyed...closed the store very early, went home and Adele and I took Maggie, all decked in her "flower-power" attire on a lovely walk around Strawberry Banke & Pierce Island. George Washington had a fort build there (he spent a bit of time here) and it is a backyard treasure. Enjoy the pic's from my neighborhood in Portsmouth, NH.

She loves bounding in the snow - big time!

A picture of my neighbor's house on the point.

A sea captain house that house been turned into a local museum. In the summer we have antique furniture exhibitions here. Detail like this rarely exist on homes today. Sad.

The old Governor's house. Just beautiful.

Part of the local Lobster fleet.

Another 200+ year old sea captain house on the water.

This house is from "The Hill" - a cluster of houses that range from the mid 1700's to the 1850's.

Hey, where's the car?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fabulous Garden Planters - Ready for Spring?

These wonderful Garden urns, planters, pots and containers are made from marble dust and resin stone, and they look exactly like their lead originals and were created to be lightweight and weather-resistant in all climates and all regions of the country. Aside from coming in a choice of 4 colors, they can have rollers added (small up charge) and you can push them around to follow the shifting sun. Lastly, they come in 40+ styles!

These pots can be found at the New York Public Library, the rooftops of Rockefeller Center, the streets of SoHo, the Morgan Library, and The New York Botanical Garden.

And without further ado... the Fabulous Atlanta Market find #7.

A lattice urn, whether displayed with or without its lid, adds a touch of french formality to a terrace or garden walkway. [without top] 18"h x 13.5"w $320 …. with top $380 and 22" high.

Your color choices.

Add a touch of European formality to your garden with wonderful-to-work-with lattice planters. available in square and rectangular shapes. 20"h x 17"w x 17"d $600 or call / email for prices on larger size or rectangle ones.

The Lion planter was cast from a Coe family lead original, and is an art form in any garden. Handsome with a wide top opening that excels as a foliage enhancer. its four round "feet" provide excellent drainage making it even more interesting to look at. 26"h x 24"w [21"w at base] $900

The classic urn compliments any architectural style and can be used as an accent piece on steps leading into a terrace or flanking a front door. 23"h x 15"w $250 , 28"h x 23"w $400, 34"h x 28"w $750

A true classic. the garland-enhanced round planter has a sea shell motif along its base. wonderful when filled with flowering plants on either side of a doorway. 16"h x 20"w $200 ... a comes in 6 larger sizes.

Olive jars and olive pots have been used for centuries in Mediterranean countries to marinate their olives by rolling these jars up and down hills. this exotic replica was sourced in Maine and its lovely shape makes a visual impression wherever it is placed. 19"h x 21"w $380

This planter is a staple. perfect for a garden, deck or home interior. both its size and simple design make it extremely functional and one to own in multiples. 21"h x 18"w x 18"d $500

This small squat urn has the affinity of iron age British pottery and is perfectly sized to contain potted commercial flowers [5" pot inserts into well], freshly planted bulbs, or an arrangement of fresh flowers. for indoor and outdoor use. small 8"h x 10"w $150 , medium 13.5"h x 22"w $300

During the Elizabethan period, house designs (often tudors) became balanced and symmetrical with “e” and “h” shapes common – a possible tribute to Elizabeth and Henry viii. this garden container is reflective of that style and such a beautiful accent to any garden. use it to create the atmosphere of an outdoor room or to mark the straight-line areas of your garden. 20”h x 20”w x 20”d $650

With its truly distinctive sword head design; this planter is a true conversation piece in any garden area. an all around good pot for fruit trees and topiaries and its base has plenty of room for flowers and vines. easy to use and easy to maintain. 16.5"h x 27"w $450

The Ram abattoire head was copied from a carved wood original found outside a butcher shop in an Austrian ski village. Useful for hanging leashes or hats….also look great in kitchens or on barn doors. 9"h x 9"w x 8"d ….$150

The Cow abattoire head was copied from a carved wood original found outside a butcher shop in an Austrian ski village. Useful for hanging leashes or hats….also look great in kitchens or on barn doors. 13"h x 13"w x 8"d. ….$150

See, even after a long day at the market she can move these with ease.

Lastly, for everyone who lives in a cold part of the country - these will not crack or split! Perfect for the Kennebunkport, Nantucket, Bar Harbor or Cape Cod winter house... just leave them on the porch all year!

Need one, want one? Call or email me.