Monday, January 26, 2009

Leopard Here - Leopard There

I know a lot of people do not care for animal prints, but I think they're great as throws, pillows, re-upholstered seat covers, carpets or doorstops... and the leopard doorstop below is a favorite for my clients.

I just love this Leopard print carpet we ran up the stairway in this 200 year old house. Notice how the light from the window makes it come alive as you look down the steps.

And how rich in tone it is looking up at it from a darkened POV.

I really liked this leopard border on the carpet. One great feature is it made from polypropylene and if it gets dirty you can soap and hose it off!

This old French stool needed a new covering... and this micro-leopard print by Cowtan & Tout was a first choice.

This is a Weston sofa by Hickory Chair in another micro-leopard COM fabric...alas, the fabric has been discontinued and the sofa is now a one-of-a-kind.

A close of of the leopard fabric.

A fabulous leopard needlepoint lumbar pillow measuring 42" long.

Of course I had to show the Lion pattern.

A sweet little Georgian stool from my last England trip.

And this leopard needlepoint fabric is vibrant. Has a nice feel.

Click Here for more animal print pillows.


Red River Interiors: said...

Cool fabric animal prints especially like the foot stools...great pix...Fay

alice said...

Oh these are all so beautiful!

I adore leopard print, and think it's fabulous when used in small amounts-I might sneak some of these ideas in...

Love the doorstop!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I love this post. I think at times animal print gets a bad rap. Yes at times it can look a bit tacky, but when done right it looks perfect. I love adding it in little touches to a room. My go-to animal print tends to be zebra.

for the love of a house said...

Greetings! Okay, so today (literally just a few hours ago) my husband & I are antiquing in Maine and we stop at "Tangibles" in Cape Neddick for the first time, and we look at a tag on a piece and I think why do I know this name J. Covington??? So back home tonight and I'm over at Joni's and voila! there you are! Small world! It is a great shop and you have wonderful pieces there. Will look you up in Portsmouth the next time we are there!

for the love of a house said...

Just found your link to Hippo Hardware! too funny! We used to live in Portland and would go to Hippo ALL the time. Started with them when they were in the little falling-down house! I remember the Steves well! j.

J.Covington*Design said...

Fay and Alice, thanks and you're right about the small amounts... a little on a footstool can really add to a room.

Tres cool Joan! And you are ever so right about the small world. There are quite a few ex-Portlanders here in Portsmouth. Please do stop by my shop. And your blog is wonderful...I love your vingettes. The tortoise shell collection is fabulous!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I still remember crying profusely for a leopard coat when I was about 10. My parents, quite rightly, did not acquiesce.

I do love the carpet on the stairs!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where you purchased the leopard carpet runner for the stairs? On the hunt for one for our stairs and am overwhelmed by all of the different manufacturers...