Monday, March 9, 2009

Gorgeous Painted / Antiqued Furniture

These fabulous hand-antiqued pieces have character. They are made from select South American hardwoods and then go through an extensive hand painting and distressing process that take multiple coats and a judicious amount of time. They are available only in the colors and style shown and can be in your home in 2 or 3 weeks!

I really liked this chicken wire buffet. Great size and soft palate.

Some of these have a great Swedish look.

Fantastic Scale!

This one is a charmer...sweet in size and style.

And this is it's top....what detail.

Just love the bottom shelf on this Demi.

I've known this company for the last 6 years. They are not cheap and the wait used to be 4 or 5 they've grown they now have a US warehouse for quick shipping and satisfying their clients. Have questions? Call me.

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Leslie Rowlands said...

Thanks for these, as you know this is my specialty so I am in the midst of having a piece made for my livingroom. I like the style of the tall red cabinet with open center doors and closed doors adjecent.
Red would not be my color, but the idea is the inspiration!!
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