Monday, February 9, 2009

It's All About You: Custom Furniture by Hickory Chair

Hickory Chair's made to measure and custom detailing makes this company a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for a timeless heirloom piece of furniture that is made well and want to add some detailing that fits your home...look no further.

Each of the below Case Good (wooden) pieces is an original, custom crafted one that reflected someone’s personal style and creativity...some are sneak peeks from inside HC.

The Chateau Table is a very popular piece.

A rich, antiqued finish enhance with gold-leaf trim.

An ebony finish and white trim. This really makes it a different feeling table.

The Venetian Bead in Blue / Gray and detailed in white.

The Venetian Bed in Black with gold trim.

The Christiansen Dining Table in a mahogany finish, but notice the legs in cream and gold.

The Armoire / Entertainment Center in Antiqued white with gold leaf trim. Very nice.

The Armoire in a standard finish but popped with gold trim...a nice touch to a formal piece.

The small Chair side table with silver legs, white top and bird scene.

Another custom armoire.

The Drake Cabinet.

The Round Pedestal Lamp Table with gold feet and base area. Again this shows how a little detailing goes a long way.

The Carved Chest antiqued and in weathered white. Notice how the framing between the drawers and how the feet were stained to give the piece dimension and how the yellow piece below ignored this spacial design.

The Carved Chest - in weathered pale yellow, but not antiqued (ie beat-up).

TOMORROW - Custom Upholstery.


Unknown said...

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Laura Holland said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Jay Reardon said...

Classic Pieces personalized with Finish options and Paints really expand the usefulness to a broad range of consumers.
Thank you for inspiring and informing people of their opportunities.