Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gorgeous French Antique & Vintage Furniture # 4

And yes, here is another group of absolutely fantastic French and old world town clock faces, coffee tables, consoles, mirrors and more. The huge clock faces are my favorite.... two buying trips ago I missed one of them in Brussels by a day!! Another dealer got them.

Note: These antique & vintage pieces do not last long.... if you want it, you have to act quick. Call me. 603-431-4222

JCEAEVN17410 - Stunning Colored Clock Tower face with Gold Leaf hands. Gorgeous coloration. 79H x 79W x 3D. SOLD

JCEAEVN13210 - Classic Antique Town Clock Face from Europe, great black & white color and a really nice size. 48H x 48W x 1D. SOLD

JCEAEVN02710 - Architectural Stone Fragment of a Shield / Crest, beautiful decorative find that once adorned a building. 25H x 22W x 3D. $1950

JCEMVN11910 - Incredible Antique Mirror with beautiful gold plaster decoration. 80H x 48W x 8D. $8350 SOLD

JCEMVN04310 - Large Ornate Antique French Mirror with a cupid at center crest in an old gilt finish. 81H x 47W x 9D. SOLD

JCEOBV5871 - Large vintage antique plate rack with distressed white wash finish. Also an above enclosed shelving unit. 25H x 30W x 9D. SOLD

JCEOBV5271 - Gorgeous vintage plate rack with tea cup drying rack. Finished in a rustic white.24H x 35W x 8D. SOLD

JCEOBV2071 - Provincial French plate rack in evergreen finish with worn wood peeking through. Lovely in any kitchen! 26H x 25W x 8D. SOLD

JCECNV1271 - Italianate cream iron wall console with forest green leaf and flower details and dusty gold highlights. 35H x 42W x 14D SOLD

JCECNV866 - Ornate scrolling vintage iron 2 legged console, in Old Cream finish.34H x 53W x 15D. SOLD

JCECNV1371 - Perfect Petite Iron Wall Console. Ideal for shelf in bathroom or bedroom - to store towels, display candles, or keep perfume and beauty products. 20H x 26W x 15D. SOLD

JCEAEVN17210 - Antique Clock Face in Original Black with Gold Roman Numerals and lovely Gilt Hands. 71H x 71W x 2D. SOLD

JCEDV0672 - Lovely vintage Medallion Daybed sofa in Natural dark wood \"Black & Tan Look\" Upholstered in Burlap with French Style tufted mattress. (seat height 21\"). 41H x 84W x 28D. SOLD

JCETV0872 – Vintage French Green Coffee Table with original white marble, great color. 21H x 36W x 23D. SOLD

JCETV1372 - Lovely Empire style Gold coffee table with nice white marble top. Note the unique bottom finial. 24H x 43W x 23D. SOLD

JCETV1872 - Louis XVI Gilt coffee table with white marble top, note the very nice stretcher and finial. 23H x 41W x 22D. $1450

JCETV2372 – Vintage Gilt inlaid marble coffee table with nice carvings. 17H x 39W x 24D. SOLD

JCETV0772 - Pair of Green End tables with original white marble tops. Great carving details. Very Unique color. 19H x 18W x 18D. $1650

JCETV0272 - Pair of Vintage Black End tables featuring gilt highlights, white marble tops. Very unique color. Fine details and form. Very sweet. 24H x 16W x 16D. SOLD

Need one, want one call me. Affordable White glove delivery is available to almost every city in the lower 48 states.


Windlost said...

Oh my goodness Alex. I do declare that you have been placed on this earth to torture me. Perhaps to give me lessons in great beauty, but torture. All lovely things as usual. Your taste is extraordinary. I love the gilt tables with the marbles tops the most.

Must be hard to watch these fly out the door though...

xo Terri

Shannon said...

Just found you doing a google search for huge clock faces....GAH! Love your stuff!