Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Atlanta Gift Market - Some Wonderful New Finds

The Atlanta Market was very uplifting this year ..... a pent-up group of buyers truly made the market a great place to be after last years show. Many new products got our attention and a few of the items below are on their way to my store.

Just loved the color here. Nice designs too.

Great light blues. This color is getting much hotter this year.

Numbered Hand painted pillows.

This was one of my absolute favorites. A pair of the slat pedestal bases were ordered.... I wonder how long they'll last?

The new grape hod look. Your initials, a university .... and 3 letter combo you want! Love that soft blue. More choices are here.

Cool table. The textured items on display were alluring.

Fantastic mirror .... fantastic price .... reminds me of an old Feench or Swedish or Italian one.

Great columns, but the one on the ground is really a table. Measures 24" x 24" .... perfect for drinks!

The prince of Wales swag is awesome. Hand carved woood and finished in an aged tone with gold speckles. Very nice looking. Quite reasonable.

Another great grape hod.

This looks wonderful.

Eye candy du soleil.

Like the Prince of Wales Swag, this hand carved and painted wall sconce is gorgeous. Perfect for displaying that perfect something.

Hunting something special? Call me.


Willow Decor said...

What beautiful finds! I adore the finish on the Prince of Wales swag! So sorry I had to miss the show.

La Maison Fou said...

Nice finds JC;.......



Windlost said...

Oh, what lovely things - looks like you had fun!! I love the light blues...

xo T.