Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Maine Roadtrip

I just came back from enjoying a week along Maine's if you're are tired of hearing about the economy and need to have a quick visual get-away. Enjoy....

Some fabulous boats in Bar Harbor.

A favorite spot in Stonington.

Rosehips are found everywhere along the coastline.

All the "specs" are lobster bouys....and there are 1000's of them. This picture was taken from the mail boat as we were heading out to the Cranberry Islands.

This gorgeous cedar shake home belongs to one of our friends out on one of the islands. We had a lovely evening grilling and then watching the moon rise over the Atlantic.

Coming into Bar Harbor. The Big boat in the foreground is The CAT...a hydrofoil that zips you up to Nova Scotia at 40 knots!

These are are Lobster pounds, and this is where lobsters are stored before being shipped to market. Some of them hold up to 80,000 lobsters! Hungry?

An island getaway.

Mail being delivered to one of the Cranberry Islands.

A lobsterman's best mate... his happy golden retreiver.

The Penobscot Bridge is only one of only three such Bridge Observatories in the world with a 420 foot observation tower. The view is amazing.

On the way fly fishing the other day I took the a short cut by Mount Washington. I love October! never know what you'll find in the Maine woods! These artist creations are by Peter Beerits and can be found at Nervous Nellies jams and jellies on Deer Isle...and yes, the jams are delicious and the art work is a hoot!!!

At least IT was chained to a tree!


MIMILEE said...

Hey Alex,

Thanks for visiting my blog today! Love your entry today and wonderful photos! So lovely!

Have a good one!

annechovie said...

Wow, LOVE your photos! I spent some time at a friend's home in Bar Harbor years ago and am longing to return. Maine is incredibly beautiful!

Brilliant Asylum said...

The turning leaves are so beautiful.

Cote de Texas said...

Beautiful! we don't get turning leaves in Houston. My sister's best friend summers in Kenneybunk. she lives in the old Mayor's house - it's like this mansion - it is so gorgeous. there are these massive hydrangeas all over the property!

thanks for the great comment too!!!