Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fantasy Shopping in English Thrift Stores: Part 2

These just arrived from one of my contacts. Aside from buying from her, I buy through her as she dashes all over England taking 100's of pictures from dozens of places and then emails them to me. Of course it's a race against the clock to buy cause other dealers are getting the pictures too.

So if you were buying items for a store like mine , what would you buy in these pictures. I tend to reject 99% .

There are more items here too!

Like the faux bamboo side table.

The Green Tea tin would make a great lamp base. I bought 2 of these on my last trip.

In the far back, the trophy thing may be a early 1900's wine chiller? I dig the copper piece on the sideboard, but wish it hadn't been that old patina, so I'll pass on it.

Very cool sun dial piece!

Like the copper colanders in the glass case and the letter box on the marble topped table, and the horn and brass coat rack in front of the interesting glass pieces.

Don't be bashful...make your list or would you pass on everything today?

Also, you can see what my store look like in the post below!


Tracy said...

Love your store! Just the kind that would pull me in and take all my money! But you're in NH and I'm in CA :( Ok, let's say I'm in charge of buying from this batch. (Of course, I'm going to take most of it home for myself so I'm not sure how your store would benefit!) Pic #2: the white bowl,
Pic #3: the tiny bamboo table and the chest it's standing on, Pic #7: the armillary sphere (for my garden), Pic #9: the two 6-drawer chests and from Pic #10: the letter organizer and the white-topped desk it's sitting on. Are those teeny tiny drawers across the bottom? For my stamps and paper clips? Thank you! That was a fun way to end my work day!

avant garde said...

hi, love your blog, happened upon it through your comment on katiedid's blog. i would have to maybe be in each of the places you described, including your store, but i love the teal blue urns for a splash of color into your shop. and your shop by the way is gorgeous, if i get up that way to new hampshire, i'll have to make it a must visit. i live in massachusetts, on the cape.

Teacats said...

From the top:
Photo A:
1) The sidetable
2) The flowerbox under the sidetable

Photo B:
1)the rounded cauldron with the excellent patina on top of the chest of drawers (not the shiny one on the floor!)

Photo C:
1)The small stool with the incised star
2)the chairs on the far right (you can see a hint of their lovely legs)

Photo d:
1)The green urns

Photo E:

1) The blackthorn walking stick on the far right .....

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Alex said...

I totally missed the Blackthorn walking stick! Good eye.

Cote de Texas said...

ok - in the first picture - underneath - that big coal bin? I like that. then in the next to last picture - that clock face on the ground and those apothecary jars - I would fill them with bright chatreuse colored water for display!!!! wow - what great pictures. I want a store!!