Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back From England

Ahhh, home sweet home.... the buying trip ended with great success and a case of the Flu! Regardless, the trip began with a 5 hour dash up the M25 out of London and after a central buying splurge, I headed along the north east coast.

I had just looked to my left checking for traffic and stepped into the road and almost got squashed! It always takes a day or two to get used to traffic being on the opposite side.

Where's Doctor Who?

Inside a warehouse.

A true first! I've seen every stuffed bird, weasel, fox, dog, cat etc .... but never a horse!!!

This is a stunning 200 year old fireback in my friend's store. Weighs a 100 pounds. $2850 if you want to make a regal statement. Shipping from England not included.... not that expensive. Call if serious. The shield is amazing: A lion, boar, heart & hand and the viking shipping.

Most of my


My Notting Hill said...

Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the flu though. Love all these pics. I find the whoe idea of a buying trip so interesting!

Windlost said...

Welcome back - can't wait to see your finds. Well, maybe you got the flu over with for this season!