Saturday, September 12, 2009

J. Covington As Seen In ACCENT Magazine, Fall 2009

This design project spanned two years and was a true delight. The original house began in 1820 as four over four Cape and over the last 189 years has had several additions... so we had a unique blend of old & modern to work with.

The hilltop perched house is all about land and panoramic views down its 150 rolling acres and out across 72 square miles of Lake Winnipesaukee. And this was one of the factors that Ann and Jerry Calvert wanted us to work with - a color clean house that let the landscape and guests showcase the 'color' and for the living spaces to be more background.

The mid-house open air gallery that leads into the farmhouse kitchen or out and onto the veranda for amazing views.

The living area was done in hues of cream & taupe, with accent pillows of dark brown and animal prints. A wine barrel stave chandelier is suspended mid room while wood framing, a massive stone fireplace and magnificent views anchor the room.

Gothic benches and a series of antique botanical prints invite you to sit and linger in the open air gallery.

The white palette gives the kitchen a feeling of spaciousness and provides a perfect backdrop for Ann's antique ironstone collection. Off the kitchen is a small pub (not shown) and is my favorite room in the house! I hunted down a fabulous collection of wine openers in England for it.

Ahhhh, the perfect place to tip a glass at the end of a day.


Linda/"Mom" said...

* How TRULY lovely, & the LIVING AREA is just TOO WONDERFUL~~~ then again, I love ANYTHING with grasscloth, wood beams and neutral, soothing colors like that!!! SImple & STUNNING!

Thank you!
Linda in AZ

Cahya said...

Hi Alex,
Nice blog and Picture.
What an interesting article.
Best regards from me.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, it is all so wonderful, so gorgeous! Absolute heartfult ongrats all the way around!

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

That is - congrats! (please excuse the typo)

Windlost said...

What an amazing project - I would love to visit this gorgeous home! Love the Gothic bench, and wish we could see the pub!


J.Covington said...

Thanks Terri. It was fun...I'll try to get some of the pub shots. I forgot that we found the bar for it in Normandy... just over the Belgium border. And I was just asked to hunt some more stuff for it when I go back to England in Oct. on a buying trip.

Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

Loved the first photo with the sunflowers and the last photo with the view... and all photos inbetween!

Angela in WA said...

Just beautiful. I love it. So inviting. Wanting to check in for the weekend with a good book? Think they'd mind. Congratulations!

Laura Holland said...

Congratulations to you and Cubby! The home is absolutely beautiful! The Hickory Chair pieces are just beautiful they way you personalized them for this amazing home. Thank you!

Mould Treatment said...

As the economy forces the closing of up-scale decor and accent retail stores, you have this wonderful creations within. Love to see more of your work soon.