Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Italian Linens that'll make you Swoon

I have bought and sold a lot of linen and cotton hand towels over the years .... and most were from wonderful little French companies. But I grew tired of them and the service and vowed no more towels. Naturally with such a vow, one should prepare oneself for a time to eat crow.

Cubby and I found Busatti, a family run Italian company located in the village of Anghiari in Tuscany and they have been making phenomenal cotton and linen blend hand towels, table clothes and more for 160+ years. Must I say the quality is superb... the hand, the texture is yummy! You know as soon as you pick one up, that in 10 years you'll still have it and love it.

Hand made with a shuttle & loom in Italy.

They get the "Swoon" Award.

These are a linen/cotton blend. Scrumptious.

All cotton. Measure 22" x 26.5" .... a very nice size!

If you need one - call me. Limited quantity. $29 each.



Something about Italian yummy!
What a turn on!!

Windlost said...

I agree, they are lovely. When I was in Paris in the fall, I went to the Bon Marche and bought all linen dish towels for gifts. I have never used a linen hand towel but imagine they are similar? I bought two of the dish towels for myself and have washed them and washed them and they are starting to soften and I love them.

If I weren't going on an expensive vacation in 2 weeks, I'd order a pair!!!!!!! Maybe if I have any money left over, haha.

I like that...the Swoon award. You need to trademark that haha.

Swooning, Terri

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Swoon worthy, indeed!!!