Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Pair of Gorgeous Antique Chinese Lamps

These fabulous Chinese vases are delightful...of course, I found them in October on the antique buying trip in England. Use the zoom to note the masterful fine lines and brush strokes found on these Chinese vases. An artist with a sure hand painted these. Just gorgeous. One-of-a-kind pair.They measure 11" high to the top of the vase.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Historical Christmas Doors of Portsmouth, NH

I feel very lucky to live in the fabulous city of Portsmouth, NH. This charming seacoast town was settled in 1630 and by 1679 was the colonial capitol.... later, Paul Reeve road here warning the British were coming. Needless to say, we have some excellent examples of early American architecture and most of it is found in the South End around the Strawberry Banke side of town where I live. Note the wonderful bulls-eye glass around some of the doors and the different architectural elements. Many of these homes are from the mid 1700's and up.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Flower Arrangements

I love the way holiday arrangements can bring so much vivacious color and cheer to a room or setting in a whimsical and delightful way. These are some of this years designs.

Silver pheasant feathers and faux dried berry branches.

Gold artichokes and pears in an Hungarian jar plopped in the middle of a pine wreath. Carved Italian finials and barley twist lamps frame it.

Faux pheasant feathers in a gold finish add zest to nice vase filled with small white pine cones to anchor them in.

Faux berry branches and greens make a subtle and full arrangement in an old English flower pail.

This year's tree without the lights turned on. All golds and silvers in a bird theme.

Faux iced pine branches in a 18th century cistern covered with fleur de lis.

An explosion of everything...iced branches, snowed fir limbs, berry branches, gum-drop limbs, pine cone limbs and more.

Another view - the sun made this one hard to photograph.

More berries and greens.

A nice faux pine wreath with real pine cones.

Faux pine branches, gum-ball limbs and (I think) the flower is belladonna.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decoupage Plates with Historic Sailing Scenes

These amazing decoupage plates have class and character as they are copies of the drawings and sketches from Ashley Bowen's historical diary and autobiography. These plates have a charm that sea, sailboat and historical lovers will appreciate. They are the perfect gift. Lastly, they are handmade here in New England by a small 2 lady company and their plates have much more character than the other mass produced Decoupage plates that are out there. Ordering Info is as the bottom of the page.

Ashley Bowen (1728 – 1813) was a ship rigger from Marblehead, Massachusetts. He went to sea at a young age, was a seaman in the Royal Navy and served at Quebec in 1759 with the famous explorer Captain James Cook. The fact that he did his writings and drawings is remarkable - that some of them survived is miraculous. Most of what exists was found on top of a rubbish heap that was ready to be hauled away to the town dump.

JCN001 - Marblehead - $175

JCN002 - Catt Island - $105

JCN003 - Boston Harbor - $165

JCN004 - Boat Launch - $ 125

JCN - Quebec - $145

JCN006 - Ships at Port - $175

JCN007 - Two Ships - $105

JCN008 - Rambler - $125

JCN009 - Sloop Egal - $155

Ordering Information: Call me. 603-431-4222
*For Christmas - order soon because supplies are low as they are made by a 2 person company.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Treasures found on an England Antique Trip

These are a few of my favorite finds from my October buying trip in England.

I love this 1774 Garden Putti boy from Oakley Court of Windsor on the Thames... of course I had to prep him up for the holidays.

Another yummy lead piece ... a 1765 Fleur de Lis covered water Cistern.

Lead Fleur de Lis flower pots from the 1930's.

A fruit wood carved Putti face.

A 16th century Virgin & child painting.

Vintage petanque boules... just super cool.

A Swiss Bittern Head paper clip from 1880 - the ultimate desk-top gift.

A Boar pen wipe.

An ink well. Too cool.

A black forest match holder.

A grandfather clock face... the blue & white scene is fabulous.

A very sweet Moon grandfather clock face.

A darling enamel of a Mother and her children studying sea life - note the crab, shells & seagull.

A stunning Reyanrd the Fox door knocker. Late 1800's.

A French jeweler's wooden ring display hand... all the joints move perfectly.

A Tour jewelry box covered with a baccalian party of putti.

The most handsome deco style Money box that I have ever seen.

A gorgeous painted pen & ink tray.

Some beautifully covered books. I have never seen faux gator boarding before. And the other is a textured Japanese rice paper cover.

Simply fantastic... match holder from an English country estate.

Ceramic French wine barrel numbers from 1910. These are so awesome I am almost sold out.