Friday, February 13, 2009

12 Beautiful Wall Sconces

For the most part these beautiful wall sconces are crafted from hand carved wood and wrought iron. Some are embellished with decorative elements of metal or crystal or unadorned, they are finished in a distinctive manner, reflecting the attention to workmanship and detail. The distinctiveness of the hand-finishing process that is used on these lighting products lends an air of depth and richness that cannot be achieved by less time-consuming finishing methods.

JC5325 - Real wood, hand carved, is the hallmark of this distinctive chandelier. The hand applied finish combined with the this natural material gives this piece a richness and depth that can be achieved in no other way. 60 Watt. Measures 22w x 29h x 8d. $ 725

JC5349 - Wrought iron hand work is accented with the perfect touch of metal acanthus leaves. It is part of the Orleans "family" of lighting and occasional tables. Hand Rubbed Bronze. 20w x 27h x 13d. 25 Watt. $445

JC5314 - This exquisite sconce is graced with arrow and acorn accents in gold leaf and vintage silver leaf finishes. It features a classically inspired "Empire" design. 60 Watt. 16w x 24h x 7d. $550

JC5006 - Beautiful, transitional wall sconce in a silver leaf finish. 60 Watt. 16w x 21h x 8d. $375

JC5010 - Graceful curves become even more striking with Barcelona Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf embellishment. 60 Watt. 11w x 17h x 6d. $335

JC5015 - Simple yet sophisticated wall sconce with hand painted carved wood accents. 60 Watt. 14w x 26h x 7d. $300

JC5037 - European inspiration from the Paris flea markets is translated into this pleasing form with a Gold Leaf and Rust finish to complete its old world look…goes with the Chandelier JC9381. 17w x 24h x 8d. 60 Watt. $550

JC5038 - The epitome of elegance. Has a hand-carved wood centerpiece and carved wood tassels. The look of antique fashion is enhanced by the striking use of its Italian Silver Leaf highlighted with a contrasting Italian black. Matches Chandelier JC9224. Measures 19w x 33h x 8d. 60 Watts. $725

JC5042 – Gorgeous. A classic antiqued mirror sconce. Measures 13w x 20h x 7d. $775

JC5285 - High quality crystals are covered on the back with silver leaf for an interesting look The Silver Leaf finish adds to the charm of the wrought iron frame. 60 Watt. 13w x 19h x 8d. $495

JC5447 - This finely crafted sconce features olive branches and a combination of La Bella Verde gold leaf and Verde green finishes. The leaf and olive motif creates a light airy piece. 60 Watt. 16w x 22h x 9d. $495

JC5422 – Pair. Elegant sconce that is a good companion for a number of chandeliers. 60 Watt. 12w x 22h x 9d. $650

*Most Wall sconces are sold as pin-ups which allows them to be either hard wired or plugged in.

*All lighting products that are shown on this J.Covington*Design post have been designed and engineered to meet the rigid safety standards established by UNDERWRITER'S LABORATORY and bear the UL/CUI label (E141302 or E163523). This safety certification is valid in the United States and Canada.
*Call or email for specials on shipping and/or shades.


pve design said...

Those are stunning sconces!

Anonymous said...

Love #8 the most. Thanks for sharing. Just beautiful.