Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Black Forest Carvings

AI've had a fascination with Black Forest animals for years. My favorites were the leash holders I found in English country hunting estates, followed by any carving that was not normal....for example, the bears. Which by the way, was produced in prodigious numbers and that keeps the value my opinion.

Most experts believe the Black Forest school of carving did not originate in the Bavarian Black Forest in Germany, but in the 1850's by the Trauffer's, a family of woodcarvers in Brienz Switzerland. Prior to WWI there were 1300 cottage industries producing these carvings.

Black Forest carvings were introduced at various world fairs, including the London Great Exhibition of 1851, the Chicago World Fair in 1893 and the Paris exhibition in 1900.

The Rooster, basket and barrel carving was found in England and is a Cigar and match holder. Other images can be found here.

Sweet walnut carving of a lead and bird ink and pen holder.

The pieces are typically carved from walnut and linden wood and they tend to centered on animals and plants, most notably bears, deer, rabbits, mountain goats, wolves and realistic tree branches, twigs and flowers and other natural motifs for the tourist industry.


Cote de Texas said...

I love this look - so Cashiers!

and - don't go getting arrested for peeping in houses!!!1 hahah!


Mélanie said...

I love black forest antiques !
I love to make windows display in my shop with this king of antiques , it is perfect during the fall , in the hunting time


Nice that some people are also blackforest infected..

i am from austria, and a antique dealer specialized for Black forest antiques.

I love the different carvings and masterworks.

i had so much bear in my hands and everytime a new adventure.

at the moment i have 30 bears here from a private estate and i love each one of them..

nice blog by the way

if you want a special black forest carved item just contact me

also listed some items at ebay


all the best to all collectors