Monday, December 15, 2008

3 Dining Rooms by Suzanne Kasler

These 3 Hickory Chair dining rooms are for the talented and eagle-eyed Joni at Cote de Texas - yes, I forgot to include Suzanne Kasler in the 15 Dining Rooms entry ...oops, junior moment!

Drumroll please....

The Choate Dining Table, Amsterdam Side Chairs & Bridgewater Chest.

The Collier Dining Table, Linwood Arm Chair & Tuxedo Armoire / Entertainment Center.

The Piedmont 114" Dining Table, Chastain Chair & Frederica Bench.


Visual Vamp said...

A junior moment!
How cute.
xo xo

Pigtown*Design said...

Hope you all made it through the ice storms. I remember being in New London the summer after the '98 storm. It was eerie!

cotedetexas said...

Aw, yes - that's MUCH better!!!! :)

I love the last picture - I'll take that one, please!


cotedetexas said...

Alex my dear - you can't put ice in your glass in Mexico unless you want to get tourista!!!!! Basic rule of Mexico - NO ICE!!! hahahah

I am cracking up!!!


MIMILEE said...

Wonderful post, AleX!

Have a great Holiday, Junior! HA!

BTW...I am a big fan of Suzanne her style!