Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful Shell Mirrors

I loves Seashells on mirrors, lamps and furniture .... it means its summer time or at least you are going to a beachy place with relaxing beach furniture. Growing up on the Carolina coast we used to make these. Of course, they never looked this good.

JCCC13274 - A stunning creation of natural shells and metal coral. 31w x 51h x 6-1/4d. $2085

JCCC1320 – This shell mirror captures the essence of the seashore with natural shells repeated in a circular pattern. 21rd x 1-1/4d. $325

JCCC1322 – A lovely shell mirror that has a seemly symmetrical appearance with its rectangular shape and natural sea shells placed in orderly rows. 21w x 26h x 1-1/2d. $345

JCCC1344 - A practical, functional size mirror is made special with the use of striking shell ornamentation. 24w x 39h. $1475

JCCC1324 –A gorgeouly crafted mirror from of hand-formed concrete encrusted with natural shells. 29w x 4d x 44h. $935

JCCC1325 - Beautiful mirror with abalone shells. The mirror can be used in bathrooms as well as a beautiful accent piece in any room. 21w x 34h x 2d. $465

JCCC1326 – A unique combination of abalone and urchin shells makes a decorative conversation piece. 27w x 39h x 3d. $1095

JCCC1343 - Natural Shell mirror captures everyone's attention. It is made with a variety of shells and adds the perfect coastal touch to any room. 38w x 69h. $2100

JCCC1348 - The Oyster Shell Mirror brings the ocean into any setting. Real oyster shells embellish the square frame. 20w x 20h x 2d. $315

JCCC1356 – A stunning black shelled mirror with 6 25 watt lights. A statement maker! 54w x 89h x 13d. $7495


Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

The oyster shell mirror spoke to me... not because it is my favorite design but because I grew up on the Mississippi coast and we would buy the oysters from the oyster boats at the harbor and shuck them. My mom would fry them in yellow corn meal with a little flour mixed in. Yes, I have a hidden talent... I can shuck oysters!!! :))

J.Covington said...

Susan - I know what you mean. Growing up in Wilmington, there was no shortage in seafood. I loved buying them by the bushel...steam 1/2 over a fire covered with wet burlap sacks and pop the other 1/2 raw! Yum.

Hand Painted Furniture said...

Lovely mirror attraction! i appreciate it very much. Really a very nice job it is.

DesignTies said...

Wow, these are some really unique mirrors!! My favourite is the round one. I also really like the rectangular one with the abalone shells.

Kelly @ DesignTies

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

LOVE those mirrors...walking the beach most mornings we have quite the collection. The kids and I made one for our last bathroom. Sadly it fell apart...shell by shell. Wrong glue, I imagine!