Sunday, June 14, 2009

Faux Antler Furniture

This cool line of faux antler furniture and chandeliers is very cool.... and I like the "faux" quality and the attention to detail is fantastic. I'm stating to feel an urge for a rnach getaway!

For more great cowhide chest of drawers and whatnot Click Here.

JCATS4500 –A fabulous love seat with a rustic honey finish hide seat and backrest with faux antler armrests. Measures: 50-3/4 W x 25-1/4 D x 39H. $3450

JCATS4402 – A Faux antler stool with hide seat. Measures 49w x 23-1/2D x 24-1/2H. $1785

JCATS5000-6 – This mahogany side table has a rustic honey finish and is supported by faux antlers. Note the feet – great detail. Measures: 28W x 28D x 30H. $1635

JCATS5005 – A warm toned mahogany crotch tea table. Top & base are linked together with faux antlers support. Measures: 24W x 24D x 23-1/2H. $1495

JCATS4402 - A 19th century Scottish faux red deer antler stool, with hoof feet and a rectangular seat upholstered in fine cow hide. Measures: 25W x 19D x 20-1/2H. $1195

JCATS2302-3 - A Scottish Victorian faux antler six light chandelier, of spiral & interlocked form with bronze candle fittings, centered by a hide covered globe. 39-1/2 x 39-1/2 x 25. $1750

JCATS2302-6 -A 19th century Scottish faux fallow deer antler twelve light chandelier, with brass candle holders and chains. 58 x 58 x 49. $3450

JCATS2302-4 - A Scottish Victorian tall six light faux antler chandelier, of spiral & interlocked form with bronze candle fittings, hide globes & brass mounts. 56-1/4W x 56-1/4D x 65-1/2H. $2150

JCATS42000 - A Colonial faux horn and hide upholstered armchair, the hide padded cartouche back and seat between horn arms and on similar legs. 30-1/2W x 25D x 37-1/4H. $1950

JCATS42001 - A Colonial faux horn and hide upholstered bar chair, the hide padded circular back & brass nail head decorated seat with horn arms and legs. 24-1/2W x 23-7/8D x 46-1/2H. $1995

JCATS5000-5 - Rustic honey finish mahogany lamp table supported faux antlers. 26 x 26 x 27.

JCATS4202-9 - Faux antler occasional chair with a hide seat and back rest. 29-1/2W x 24-1/2D x 33-1/2H. $1995

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Lee Gamble said...

The first, second and fourth pieces are faux "horns", not antlers. Otherwise, great 'find', thank you!