Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decoupage Plates with Historic Sailing Scenes

These amazing decoupage plates have class and character as they are copies of the drawings and sketches from Ashley Bowen's historical diary and autobiography. These plates have a charm that sea, sailboat and historical lovers will appreciate. They are the perfect gift. Lastly, they are handmade here in New England by a small 2 lady company and their plates have much more character than the other mass produced Decoupage plates that are out there. Ordering Info is as the bottom of the page.

Ashley Bowen (1728 – 1813) was a ship rigger from Marblehead, Massachusetts. He went to sea at a young age, was a seaman in the Royal Navy and served at Quebec in 1759 with the famous explorer Captain James Cook. The fact that he did his writings and drawings is remarkable - that some of them survived is miraculous. Most of what exists was found on top of a rubbish heap that was ready to be hauled away to the town dump.

JCN001 - Marblehead - $175

JCN002 - Catt Island - $105

JCN003 - Boston Harbor - $165

JCN004 - Boat Launch - $ 125

JCN - Quebec - $145

JCN006 - Ships at Port - $175

JCN007 - Two Ships - $105

JCN008 - Rambler - $125

JCN009 - Sloop Egal - $155

Ordering Information: Call me. 603-431-4222
*For Christmas - order soon because supplies are low as they are made by a 2 person company.


The Stylish House said...

Hi J,
These are tempting, and the story is fascinating! I spent an afternoon at a coffee shop in Marblehead on a blustery day a few years ago. It’s a great spot.

VictoriaArt said...

So interseting to read about these beautiful plates, we had visited Massachusetts in the summer, spend 4 lovely weeks exploring the coast and inland and all the treasures and we visited of course Salem and the wonderful Peabody Museum. The shop had sold exactly these plates, which immidiately had caught my eye! I actually posted one of them as well in my posts after returning in August!
They are indeed different and very special! I love the writing and intimacy of the drawings.
One day I will afford one!

Lovely to have found your blog!